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I’m loving being in the kitchen lately – even more so than usual! I am obsessed with my beautiful new kitchen with the waterfall island, oven and gas stovetop of my dreams, walk-in butlers pantry – oh I could do an entire blog post JUST on how much I love my kitchen!

But anyway, that’s not what this blog post is about. As promised, here are two recipes by request – both pork (but other meats can be substituted) both dinners, both delicious and both EASY (my number one requirement for dinner’s these days) I hope you enjoy them!

Yogurt spiced pork
Start this one the night before – it works best marinated for as long as possible 

yogurt spiced pork_lifelovetravelfood

What you’ll need…
2 x tsp tumeric
2 x tsp smoked paprika
1 x tsp chilli flakes (optional)
2 x tsp mixed herbs
pinch salt and pepper
4 x tbsp plain Greek yogurt
4 x pork steaks (lamb, beef or chicken would also work)

How it’s done…
Mix the spices and yogurt in a small bowl. Add to a large zip lock bag along with the pork and massage to evenly coat in the yogurt. Leave to marinate for as long as possible – overnight is ideal.

Preheat oven to 180°C and bake pork for 15mins or until cooked to your liking. Serve on top of brown rice and roasted veges; salad with chips or however you like!

Sticky ginger sesame pork meatballs
This one is based on a Donna Hay recipe, made a little bit easier/healthier!


ginger sesame pork meatballs_lifelovetravelfood

What you’ll need…
500g pork mince (chicken, lamb or beef would also work great!)
1/2 cup oats (or breadcrumbs)
2 x cloves garlic, crushed
2 x tbsp finely grated ginger
2 x tsp sesame seeds
2 x tsp sesame oil
2 x green onions, finely chopped
1 egg, lightly beaten
soba noodles, cooked, to serve
baby spinach, to serve

Sticky soy sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
2 x tsp sesame oil
1 x tbsp mirin
1/4 cup rice malt syrup

– – –

How it’s done…

Preheat the oven to 220ºC. Place the pork, oats, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, sesame oil, green onion and egg in a large bowl and mix well to combine. Place a large deep-sided roasted tray in the oven for 5 minutes or until hot. Roll tablespoonfuls of the pork mixture into balls and set aside. Pour the oil into the hot tray, add the meatballs and cook for 5 minutes.

To make the sticky soy sauce, place the soy, sesame oil, vinegar, miring and rice malt syrup in a small bowl and mix to combine.

*Note* If you’re making this for the whole family, you can set aside some of the meatballs and bake them separately, without the sticky soy sauce. Drizzle meatballs with a touch of olive oil and add a little bit of mozzarella to stop them going too dry

Remove the hot tray from the oven, add the soy mixture and carefully toss the meatballs. Cook for 15mins or until the sauce is sticky and the meatballs are golden. Serve the meatballs with spinach and noodles.

– – –

I hope you enjoy these – please let me know if you make them! Tag me on instagram – I might work full-time but I’m still obsessed with insta @lifelovetravelfood


Six ways I’ve changed since becoming a mum

I was recently tagged in an instagram post by one of my insta-besties, @aliceinhealthyland to share how I’ve changed since becoming a Mumma. I actually thought long and hard about this and I’m pretty darn proud of this list so I decided to share it on my blog.

That plus it’s Friday night and my darling husband has claimed our one and only tv to watch the footy so I thought it was high time I updated my neglected lil blog.

I do not judge. Ok, sometimes I judge but I follow it by putting myself in their shoes and nine times outta ten, I retract my judgement. I don’t know what that mum is going through. I don’t know their child. I don’t know their family life. I don’t know how they’re feeling and above all… I am not them. This has also helped me be less judgemental in all aspects of my life, not just with other mums and I feel I am a better person for being less judgemental. But I’ll be honest, it took becoming a mum and being on the receiving end of unnecessary judgement to make me realise this.


I never say never. Oooh this is a biggie! I cringe at the thought of things I’ve previously said to mums about what I will or won’t do when I have a baby. Oh shut up in-the-past-me! You have NO idea! I gave my baby a dummy. I sent him to daycare with a runny nose. I baby spam the shizz out of my instagramI went back to work full time. All things I didn’t think I’d do. Never. Say. Never!


I am (learning to be) more patient. This is a big learning curve for me and something I’m continually working on. I find I make much more rational decisions, am happier with myself and in my relationship when I’m more patient. It’s not always easy but I’m trying. Remind me to keep trying as we edge closer to terrible-two territory…


My life is fuller. I was worried I’d miss my pre-baby life that was more relaxed, carefree, let me exercise when I wanted to, travel often, sleep in and just be selfish. I was terrified I’d regret having a child. Never in a million years did I think I would love parenthood so much. I love everything (well almost everything) about it. This is exactly where I’m meant to be in my life. I honestly don’t miss my former carefree life. Except maybe the sleep ins…


Mummy-guilt is real. Do I exercise or spend that time with H? Do I catch up with my friends at night when I’ve been at work all day and won’t get home to see H? Will H remember always being at daycare and develop slower because I’m not there to teach him myself? I battle with these questions every day and I worry I’m not doing the right thing by my child. To live the life we want, I need to work. I envy stay at home mums yet enjoy having a career and a pay check. Are we doing the right thing by sending H to daycare five days a week? OMG can someone please tell me how to ease the mummy-guilts cause they’re killin’ me lately!


I love my body more. I’m not in the best shape of my life. Heck, I barely remember to brush my hair let alone fit in a gym class. But I have never loved my body more since having H. Not only did my amazing bod house and birth a whole human being (and one with a head circumference in the 97th percentile I might add) but I actually feel better in myself since giving birth. Sure, there are squishy sections and bits that ain’t what they used to be but I’m damn proud of how I look and what my body has been through #mumbodandproud


Until next blog – sorry for being MIA (AGAIN) but we’re mid-move so things are kinda hectic (surely I will stop having excuses as to why I’m not blogging soon!) Thanks for reading xx

That week I tried solo parenting…

Solo parents, I take my hat off to you. You are incredible. You deserve government rebates, discounted childcare and shorter working hours. You deserve all the help you can get cause oh my GOODNESS my one week of parenting on my own was hands down one of the hardest weeks if not THE hardest week of my Mumma life. And yes, I realise that I’m complaining about just one week, I realise there are many parents in way worse situations than me and I realise as I start to write this, that it all seems a little bit OTT and dramatic. But you know what? For me, it was REALLY hard!

Damn this parenting gig is hard!

B left on Monday morning and I started my week by doing drop off at daycare, a full day at work, daycare pick up, did the dinner and evening routine on my own, got organised for the next day, ate dinner (even I was impressed at this one!) cleaned up and eventually sat down for a bit of down time. And then H woke up. He’s usually an excellent sleeper so this was a bit odd for him. It took ages for me to settle him and he woke again during the night which was tough when I then had to adult at work the next day!

Tuesday evening we were at my parents house where I put him down to bed so I could enjoy some adult time with Mum and Dad. H woke up. Frequently. To the point that we had to leave early and I put him down at home – where he woke during the night. Wednesday we were meant to have dinner at my sister’s place but again, H was really unsettled and cranky so I skipped dinner, brought him home and had another rough night.

My poppet hasn’t been himself in so long and it breaks my heart

Each night was the same – lots of grumpy baby in the evenings, unsettled sleeps, late-night waking and to be honest, I’m not actually sure how I still managed to function. When B walked in the door late Friday night, I just burst into tears – the poor guy! I was just so relieved he was home and I didn’t have to deal with everything on my own.

Looking back at what I’ve written above, it doesn’t even sound that bad but for me, it was so, so hard. Having a sick baby is hard. Having to work full time is hard. Keeping a functioning house going is hard. Spending my precious weekends searching for a house is hard (oh my gosh, how ‘first world problem’ is that?! Poor me!) And I’m still not getting any real ‘me’ time, ‘us’ time or family and friends time in – I feel like I’m being a rubbish friend cause I’m never available to catch up! Plus I don’t feel like I’m giving as much as I should at work either!

Part of me didn’t want to post this blog. It sounds like a great big whinge (which it totally is) that would cause a whole lot of eye rolls and ‘it’s really not that bad’ comments. And I know all this and totally recognise that in the big scheme of things, I really have NOTHING to complain about. I am well aware of how many people would love to be in my position and I should really just count my blessings and suck it up. But that’s not my style. I’m not one to bottle it up or pretend everything is amazing when it’s not. That’s what my blog is for – a place to rant, a place to get it out cause that’s how I deal with my emotions and move on.

It’s impossible to stay grumpy at this face. But a full night’s sleep would be awesome!

The week B got back was better – H was feeling a lot better but still has a snotty nose – has done for months on end, seriously, does it ever end?! He’s also teething and has nappy rash AND conjunctivitis – gaaaahhh!! Seeing him unwell and sad is heartbreaking. I know it’s daycare germs and everyone goes through it but it seriously, SERIOUSLY sucks. February has not been my favourite month so far, and we’re only 12 days in! B goes away two more times in the coming weeks so I’m bracing myself for solo parenting again. Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it so if anyone has any advice on how to not lose my sanity, I’m all ears!

Thanks for reading and understanding that everyone needs a rant every now and then. Hopefully my next blog post will be a bit more positive, happy and sunshiny!!

Dan xx


A healthy sweet treat for the whole family – strawberries and cream muffins

healthy strawberry and cream muffins_lifelovetravelfood

It’s no secret I’m a lazy baker. I prefer to cook savoury meals that I can kind of just throw together and add whatever I have to make it work. I don’t like having to be methodical and measure perfectly which you need to do when it comes to baking, unless you’re keen for a baking fail – been there, done that… more times than I care to admit.

I baked these muffins on the weekend cause I ‘need’ something yummy to take to work each day for that mid-morning snack (rice crackers just aren’t cutting it at the moment). I wanted to make them healthy so that H could eat them, but still have enough flavour and ‘non-hippy-ness’ that B would eat them too. Enter the below winning recipe – hooray!

The name is a bit of a lie… there’s no cream in them but ‘strawberries and yogurt muffins’ didn’t quite have the same ring to it. These can be adapted to suit all tastes – change up the fruit if strawberries aren’t your thing. Add in chocolate if you want them to be even more awesome. Make them into baby sized muffins for the little people in your life. They freeze beautifully too so make in bulk and enjoy!

Healthy strawberries and cream muffins
Makes 12 muffins or 24 mini muffins

healthy strawberry and cream muffins_lifelovetravelfood

What you’ll need…

2 x eggs (can substitute for chia gel if you need these to be egg-free)
3 x bananas
½ cup x natural greek yogurt
1 tsp x pure vanilla
2 tsp x cinnamon
1 cup x desiccated coconut
1/3 cup x coconut flour (can substitute for wholemeal plain flour)
1 cup x wholemeal spelt flour (can substitute for regular plain flour)
2 tbsp x psyllium husks (or LSA mix – both are optional, just leave out if you don’t have it)
1 tbsp x chia seeds (optional, leave out if you don’t have them)
1 tsp x bicarb soda
1 tsp x baking powder
1 cup x strawberries, quartered (substitute with your favourite berries – frozen is fine or a mixture of fruit and chocolate chips)

How it’s done…

Preheat oven to 180o. Line a 12 hole muffin tin with muffin cases (no need to use muffin cases if you’re using silicon moulds).

Combine all ingredients (except the strawberries) in a food processor (or you can mix by hand) and mix until just combined (TMX speed 3.5, 30 sec). Fold through the strawberries (TMX reverse, speed 3, 20sec).

Pour into muffin moulds and bake for 35mins or until a skewer comes out clean (for the mini muffins, bake for around 20 minutes).

YUM! These muffins store best in the fridge – just warm in the microwave for a few seconds and enjoy.

– – –

I hope you enjoy these! Let me know if you bake them for you or your little people and tag me on instagram @lifelovetravelfoood #lifelovetravelfood !

Love Dan xx

Oh hey there 2017!

Hello 2017 and hello to my first blog for the new year! I’m excited for what this year will bring but I’m also sad to see 2016 go. I noticed a lot of people saying they were glad to see the back of last year and they were happy it was all over but for me, last year was wonderful. I spent much of the year watching my baby grow, travelled (sort of), moved back home, spent time with family, caught up with friends, and started a new job.

So what’s in store for 2017? Firstly, I’m one of those annoying people who sets new years resolutions and I LOVE them. I have done it for as long as I can remember and find them quite therapeutic. I’ve become a lot more realistic over the years and set broader goals and things I know are achievable… that’s not to say I pass with flying colours cause ‘stop biting my nails’ continues to grace the list each and every year.

I write down my goals because once they’re on paper I feel I’m more accountable for them. I also tell people (like you guys) so they’re out there and I can talk about my progress throughout the year. I love reading other people’s resolutions or goals as I find it quite inspirational, so here are mine for the blogging world to read!

lifelovetravelfood_2017 goals
Perhaps a goal should be to take better photos! Don’t worry if you can’t read them here, they’re listed below! @lifelovetravelfood
  1. Continue to eat clean – less sugar, less processed/packaged food

This one, while daunting at first, has become surprisingly easy to stick to. It’s taken me years to get to this point though! Stocking up on fresh fruit and veges, trying to avoid the middle aisles of the supermarket (except for things like tinned tomatoes, coconut oil and nappies!) and planning meals around what’s in season and what’s in the fridge have been some of my best tips to sticking to healthy eating.

I want H to grow up eating as healthy as possible and I think it’s important for us as his parents to set a good example.

And of course, not denying myself treats like wine (cause I think we all know I’m NOT giving that up!) ice-cream on holidays, visiting bakeries on the weekend – because life is for living and if I eat well MOST of the time, the treats taste so much better!

I hope our good eating habits will rub off on this kale-eating guy

2. Make exercise a priority and schedule time in my calendar

Apart from 2015 when I was on a fitness role, exercise has never been that easy for me to stick to. Throw in a baby and full-time work and it’s slipped further and further down the priority list. This year I’d like to exercise but I also want to be realistic. I won’t exercise every day, I won’t get up an hour earlier than I have to and I probably won’t run home from work so I’m not going to promise myself that I will.

This top needs more use in 2017

I think what I might try to do is try to get up half an hour earlier two or three mornings a week and try to move when H is having his morning sleep on the weekends. I want to exercise because I feel great when I do, but I don’t want it to be a chore. Go for walks on the weekends with my boys and maybe even try to get out at lunchtime once or twice a week. This one will be the hardest to stick to so I will also try to schedule my workouts into my calendar to be more accountable (I’m a lists girl and HATE having things un-ticked!) so I’ll keep you posted!

3. Listen more – less about ‘me’ and ‘my’ stories

This one really annoys me when it happens to me – when I’m telling a story and the person I’m chatting to turns it around to be a story about them. And then I realised I do it too so if I find it annoying, other people probably do too! So this year I plan on listening more – it’s a wonderful way to learn more and be a better friend.

4. Me time! Read/yoga/get my nails done – a happier me is better for my family

You can’t pour from an empty cup. I see this quote everywhere and always agree with it but never actually do it! Sometimes I put so much time and effort into making sure others are happy that I find myself feeling drained, unhappy and sometimes resentful which doesn’t help anyone.

2017 I’m going to prioritise ME!

Here’s how I’m going to make sure I get some me time in this year – I want to make sure I do a really good job at work, but also leave on time to spend quality time with H and B. I need to remember how good yoga feels and DO it! Sometimes the hardest part is just rolling out my mat which seems ridiculous, but so true! Read a book – oh when was the last time I did that?! Blog – I want to take time out like I’m doing right now, while H sleeps and B watches the cricket. It’s the perfect time and I really enjoy doing it, yet last year I seemed to just waste this time doing… I’m not really sure what!

My beautiful yoga mat was neglected last year

I recently got a remedial massage and holy moly did it make me feel like a million bucks or what?! Sure, not something I plan on doing every day but I’d love to take time out to get a mani, massage or treat myself (I wonder what B will think of this one!) because I work damn hard at work and at home and I deserve it!

5. Be organised – do a little each day to spread the load

When I know I have to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, tidy H’s toy room, do six loads of washing, change the sheets, vacuum and mop, go grocery shopping, do weekly meal prep, make more food for H… it all seems too much and quite overwhelming. Plus now I’m working full-time, the idea of spending my weekends cleaning and doing house stuff just seems like a waste. So this was something I actually started a few weeks ago – I made a list of all the things that need to be done each week, and broke them up over seven days and all of a sudden it seemed much more manageable.

I can’t clean when this guy is awake – this is what happens!

For example, on Mondays I clean the toilet, basin and mirror. On Tuesdays I clean the bath and shower. Wednesdays I do one load of washing and clean the kitchen sink, bench and stovetop… breaking up these chores and doing them in the evening when H has gone to bed has so far been working out well and means I have much less boring stuff to do on my precious weekends.

6. Stop. Biting. Nails – reward for sticking to it (see #4)

Oh my gosh, I am embarrassed this has yet again made it onto my new years resolution list. I do really well for a good few months then fall off the wagon and I don’t know why! It’s a horrible habit and I hate it! So, I will get a regular manicures (again, let’s see what B says about this one!) to encourage myself to STOP this habit once and for all. Surely this will work?!


So that’s my list! I will try to revisit them partway through the year to see where I’m at and to make myself more accountable. I will also post regularly on instagram cause that addiction is still going strong!

Thanks for reading and I hope your 2017 is off to a beautiful start!

Dan x

Sorry for being MIA

Hello! Wow… sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been kinda crazy busy for months on end with a LOT going on so let me catch you up on what’s been happening in lifelovetravelfood world!


Well first of all, I no longer live in Perth! And second of all, I’m no longer on maternity leave! Two kinda big ‘life’ moments!

For the past 10 years, B and I have wanted to move back to Brisbane at some point. It’s always been our plan to get back to where our families are and settle in. We wanted H to go to school in Queensland and we were keen to be closer to family (not just for the free babysitting but that’s a pretty big drawcard!) Then one day, my very, VERY talented husband managed to score himself a new job in Brisbane and from the moment he signed on the dotted line, five weeks later we were back! It was a complete whirlwind of packing up the house, shipping the car over, cleaning the house, resigning from both our jobs, moving to the other side of the country and starting a new life here. Moving house SUCKS! Moving interstate is worse. Doing it all with a baby is fricken ridiculous! We were soooo lucky to have my sister in Perth to help us out and my parents in Brisbane who were also superstars so without them, I would probably have crawled into a corner and cried.

Bye Perth! Just a little bit of luggage!

We LOVE being back in Brisbane! We’re currently renting and looking forward to finally being able to buy our family home and get a bit more settled – I am o.v.e.r renting BIG time! So that happened ridiculously fast and then came the job.

When I resigned from my job in Perth, we decided I would take until the end of the year off, dabbling in a few jobs that took my fancy, but not seriously searching, as I was keen to be at home with H for 12months like I’d originally planned. To cut a long story short, I got asked to interview for a job, met the team, was offered the role and started the job all within three weeks. That three weeks included the frantic search for childcare for H. Oh. My. Gosh. The childcare search SUCKED. Places are ridiculously hard to come by, fees are crazy (we will be paying more per week for childcare than we do in rent – wtf!?) and throw into the mix an overly emotional, scared, worried, nervous, tearful mum *ME* and it was quite the journey!

We managed to get H into care three days a week and my incredibly generous, amazing, WONDERFUL parents take him the other two days until the new year when he switches centres and starts full-time care. I don’t think they realise how much their help has meant to me. Not just so I could accept my job offer, but to ease H AND me into full-time care. H is great – he’s a happy lil guy who’s fine to go to other people and sleep in places other than his own cot. Me on the other hand, I have found this whole experience of being with him 24/7 to being away from him five days a week, VERY hard. The support of my family has meant the world to me,  I don’t think I can even put into words how much I (and B too) appreciate their love and support. I am so, SO grateful and incredibly lucky (insert a flurry of kiss and loveheart emojis here).

Nanna (the TRUE shining star) and Aunty J cuddles
Grandad and H


Pick up – I am lucky to have a supportive team who understand I need work/life balance as a working mum. I am able to finish my day early so I can race home (and race I do – I have kept up my London-commuter-pace which is a million miles an hour compared to laid-back Brisbane-ites) to collect H from childcare and spend a little bit of time with him each day. When I pick him up, either from my parents or childcare, it is priceless. His entire face lights up, his smile is enormous and he flaps his arms around in delight. It’s the most beautiful thing to see his excitement when he sees me – I absolutely cherish it!

I miss this guy SO much at work!

Home – for so long, I wasn’t sure I was ready to move back to Brisbane. Once H came along, my desire to be closer to family became more imminent and since then, I’ve been keen to get back to Brisbane. It has been our easiest move so far. We already had friends and family here, knew the suburbs, shortcuts and places to hang out. We slotted back into Brisbane life so easily, it has been absolutely wonderful. I adore being able to pop round to Mum and Dad’s for no real reason. I love knowing we’re officially ‘home’ and can really think about putting down roots. I love catching up with our friends, especially as many have kids (and we are currently plotting arranged marriages and best friends for life whether our children like it or not). And I love knowing we’re finally in the city where we can buy our ‘for at least the next 10 years’ house. It’s just SO GOOD to be back!

Happy to be back in beautiful Queensland
Summer babe
H and S – besties whether they like it or not
Small baby, giant baby – also forced to be friends because their parents are
Photo credit @neri_zee
New friends

The lead up to Christmas –last year I don’t really think I took it all in because I knew I was due to have a baby so the thought of Christmas approaching had my thoughts on the whole birth thing. It passed by in a bit of a blur and any time anyone mentioned ‘only five Friday’s till Christmas’ it sent a shiver down my spine! So this year I’m really embracing the lead up to Christmas and I simply cannot wait for the day to arrive. Wrapping presents, Christmas carols in the shops, turning on our Christmas tree lights every night, fruit mince pies, decorations everywhere – I love it!

Market day – As sad as it sounds, I have always loved grocery shopping. But what I love even more is going to the local farmers markets each week and buying up big on beautiful fresh fruit and veges. I love filling our fridge with healthy food and I love creating delicious food for my family (sometimes B does not agree with my use of the word ‘delicious’). Visiting the markets means we buy less packaged, processed foods which can only be a good thing.

Mmm… kale!
Weekend fun (and a sore back)

Summer fruit – When I smell a perfectly ripe mango, it almost makes me dizzy. I love that smell SO MUCH! It takes me back to living at number 27, with a box of mangos in the corner of the dining room. Such good memories! Cherries scream Christmas to me, I just bought my first lot today and can’t wait to eat the whole bowl (I’m kinda hoping I don’t have to share with B). Peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, watermelon, pineapple… summer fruit gets me ridiculously excited! Apples are so passé.


We haven’t really done much travel recently, but since I haven’t written a blog post in forever, I can mention our Melbourne trip and make it seem like we’ve been total jetsetters this year. The weekend before we moved back to Brisbane, we went to Melbourne. It was a trip we’d planned earlier in the year so although the timing wasn’t great, it was actually a wonderful time to go and forget about the stress of the move. It also meant H could meet his Aunty M for the very first time. It was love at first sight for both of them – still to this day, this photo is one of my all time favourites… perfection!

Aunty M and H = love

We also took advantage of visiting our fabulous friends from London who now live in Torquay. Just spending a few days relaxing, taking it easy and checking out the sights around that beautiful part of the state was SO nice. R and P were the most wonderful, generous hosts who organised a car seat AND travel cot for H so we didn’t need to bring them with us which made our trip so much easier. They’re the kind of friends who we don’t see that often yet when we get together, it’s like no time has passed. These are the kinds of friends we cherish and will hold onto forever – sorry R and P, you’ll NEVER get rid of us! I LOVED Melbourne and am already wishing for another trip back.

R, H and P
Bells Beach_lifelovetravelfood
Bells Beach
B, H and Aunty M in Melbourne

We’ve also taken a few trips to visit family and friends in T’bar. It’s so nice to be able to go back more often and not rush our visit like we used to when we visited from London or Perth.

Farm life
Real life cabbage patch kid
Clifton Races
With Grandma and Pop on the farm

Coming up, we’ve got our first family summer holiday – yippee! Both B’s and my work close down over Christmas (YESSSS!) so we’re off to T’bar for Christmas and lots of family get-togethers. Then we’re taking off for a few days to a place just outside of Noosa – just the three of us. B is already planning what we’re going to do and making an itinerary which I’m choosing to ignore. I want to take it easy and relax but he wants to fit in as much as humanely possible. Let’s see who wins that battle!


If I listed all the places we’ve visited and what we’ve eaten since my last real blog post, it would go on forever. So instead, here are some foodie-photo highlights for you! If you’re keen on any recipes, drop me a line below!


cheesy kale eggy muffins_lifelovetravelfood
Cheesy vege muffins – for H!
Creamy basil prawn gluten free pasta_lifelovetravelfood
Gluten free pasta with bacon, prawns and a creamy basil sauce
spiced apple chips_lifelovetravelfood
Spiced apple chips
Strawberry nicecream_CharliesRawSqueeze_lifelovetravelfood
Strawberry nice cream from Charlie’s Raw Squeeze
watermelon slushies_lifelovetravelfood
Watermelon slushies – the best thing in summer!
Froggy French toast for H (kale and eggs but that sounds gross!) healthy French toast for us – delish!
Turkey and black bean nachos_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy turkey and black bean nachos with coriander sauce
Healthy raspberry-ripes_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy raspberry-ripes
H's breakfast cake_lifelovetravelfood
H’s healthy breakfast cake
Healthy chicken shawarma_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy chicken shawarma with homemade wraps
Healthy nutella_lifelovetravelfood
Homemade healthy kinda-nutella

Thanks for your patience and for stopping by for a read after so long – I promise it won’t be so long between posts next time! I’m ALWAYS on instagram – @lifelovetravelfood – in case you miss me that much : )

Dan x

Whoopsie! Sorry! Here’s an actual blog post this time!

BLOG FAIL! Sorry for the earlier mess up with my blank blog post. I’m trying to  make some changes to my blog and I clearly haven’t figured out how to do it yet! BUT! If you’re after my latest recipe – banana and blueberry oatmeal slice (a little people friendly recipe!) then you can find it right here.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me while I try to get my blogging back on track. Typical that I decide to do that when I’m about to start a new full time job! But more on that in my next blog post (which will hopefully be really soon!)

Love Dan xx

Banana and blueberry oatmeal slice recipe