East coast girl goes west

Welcome to LifeLoveTravelFood from Australia! Firstly, I’m not so sure how much ‘travel’ is going to feature in my blog now. Perhaps my travel will have to be when I venture to North Perth. I’m officially a Southsider, much to G’s disgust. I think he feels dirty when he has to go South of the river.

Second, I’ve left my blogspot blog behind for the fresh and exciting world of wordpress. You can now find me at https://lifelovetravelfood.wordpress.com and fingers crossed my email blog FINALLY starts to work properly. Click that button on the right to sign up to receive your favourite blog straight to your inbox (I am your favourite blogger, aren’t I?)


“What? You’ve moved to Perth? Why?”

I’ve heard that phrase SO many times since we moved. To clear this one up, we’d been talking about moving back to Australia for a while and it just so happens that Perth is where we ended up. Our first home was living with L&G and their incredibly sweet, squishy and delightful kids (my niblings!) K and R. I LOVED staying with them! We were up early every day but it meant we got to spend more time out and about, enjoying their company and the gorgeous sunshine.

Ok NOW I'm in Australia! September 2014
Ok NOW I’m in Australia! – September 2014
Hello beautiful! Fremantle - October 2014
Hello beautiful! Fremantle – October 2014

We hit the ground running and managed to fit in lots of flat viewings and luckily, secured one within our first week. Our lovely fully furnished (small) top floor apartment is in South Perth with wonderful views over the Swan River. From our flat in London with views of a rubbish filled loading dock to a daily water sunset – talk about an upgrade! It’s a ten minute bus trip (as opposed to our previous fifty minute train ride) to the city which is so awesome!

A daily occurrence for us from our balcony November 2014
A daily view for us from our balcony – November 2014

We also bought our first ever brand new car! It’s um… well, it’s a Mazda 3 and it’s… shiny and red and it has an inbuilt GPS. Ok, so I don’t really know all the ins and outs of our new toy but I DO know it’s awesome and I love driving again!

B has started his new job and is doing great. I on the other hand am spending every waking moment doing job applications, interviews and just general job hunting. I find looking for a job so stressful so everyone, keep your finger crossed that something comes through for me soon!

Then there’s been the super fun admin stuff. Like calling our internet provider daily to complain and ask why they took five weeks to install our WiFi. FIVE WEEKS. That’s a LOT of daily phone calls. Now I’ve written it down, it seems so petty and pointless but at the time it was SO annoying! Waiting around for what felt like weeks on end while we got repairs done to our fridge, taps, shower, garden… ah it’s all fun and games now that it’s all done, it feels like I was being perhaps a teensy bit dramatic. But at the time… I sound like a broken record now don’t I – #firstworldproblems

On a lighter note, there have been beer festivals, new food spots to discover, family outings, trips to the beach, fishing adventures – all things that are great and make me happy to be home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard. I mean REALLY hard. Starting from scratch, new friends, new city, new life, new job (hopefully soon!) I have my days when I wonder why we left, but I’m an Aussie sunshine loving girl through and through so I’m embracing Perth as my new home! But I still consider myself an East Coast girl at heart, just so we’re clear.

Sunshine and beers - oh happy days
Sunshine and beers. Oh happy days – October 2014
Dairy, grain and gluten free burger bun from Grill'd with sweet potato chips. Hooray for a decent GF burger bun! November 2014
Dairy, grain and gluten free burger bun from Grill’d with sweet potato chips. Hooray for a decent GF burger bun! – November 2014


I am officially obsessed with baby cheeks. My niblings all have AMAZING chubby cheeks and I think my sister’s are getting sick of me exclaiming over them every time I cuddle/skype my delicious niblings. Seriously, baby cheeks are the BEST. I do realise that by me saying this and also including it under the heading ‘love’ I am opening myself up for the usual round of questions. Let me answer them for you now.

No, I am not pregnant. I feel it is necessary to continue to post pictures of me holding/drinking beer and wine just to ensure this rumour doesn’t break out.

Yes, perhaps we might be next. Married for TWO WHOLE YEARS! Oh my goodness, what are we doing? We’re running out of time!

Thank you for saying I look like a natural when I hold a child. It’s nice to know they’re not falling out of my arms or clambering to get away from me.

So we’re good then? Ok, moving on. Here are some of my November loves.

I LOVE being able to drop by L&G’s place, just because.

I LOVE playing all kinds of games with K&R. And apparently Aunty D makes a pretty awesome Duplo car too.

I LOVE spring bbq’s.

I LOVE the daily sunsets from our balcony.

I LOVE that the beach is so ridiculously close to home.

I LOVE the Lorna Jane Active Living Room where you can take fitness classes for $5!

I LOVE watching E grow up before my very eyes on Skype. Ok, so I would prefer that he was right in front of me instead of behind a computer screen thousands of miles away but Skype is a wonderful thing and I feel very lucky that I can still interact with that gorgeous squashy little baby. That giggle is heavenly!

Beautiful Cottesloe Beach November 2014
Beautiful Cottesloe Beach – November 2014
Fitness classes for $5 - I'm addicted! November 2014
Fitness classes for $5! I’m addicted! – November 2014
Just ten minutes walk from home to get to this view October2014
Just ten minutes walk from home to get to this view – October 2014


Don’t laugh and don’t skip over this section. So it might be a little short on copy this month but I swear, next month I’ll actually have something to put in this bit! Since we arrived in Perth in September, I can’t say we’ve ventured very far but patience is key! Settling into a new routine, finding our feet means that we’ve not had a lot of time to tend to that travel bug.

I have a confession to make though… it’s actually been quite nice not going anywhere. Our weekends are filled with trips to the beach, bbq’s, picnics in the park and play dates with K&R. It’s lovely! There are future travel plans though!

* Brisbane – for a friend’s wedding and to sort through our piles and piles of stuff that’s currently being stored at my in-laws place.
* Margaret River to celebrate B’s recent birthday where I shall play the role of loving wife, hostess and designated driver as we visit all the regions  craft breweries. See, some things haven’t changed!
* Bali – I have GOT to get that fiftieth country ticked off my travel list!
* Melbourne – once our London friends R&P have built that beautiful new house on the coast, we are THERE! Get ready guys, we’re coming!
* Canberra – it’s on my wish list. It’s been SO long since we visited and I miss everyone like crazy! There are little people I’ve not yet met and they’re all growing up so fast, I don’t want to miss out!

So it might be a little slow going here in the travel section but I’m not about to change my blog name – I’ve got too many instagram followers to switch it up now!

The magnet collection is up! – November 2014


HOORAY! FOOD! For any of my long time blog readers, you will know that I love grocery shopping. Having worked at Woolworths during school and uni (that’s where I first met Ben too – awww, a Woolies romance…) still to this day I appreciate being on the other side of that cash register. I tend to go shopping without B because he gets sick of waiting excessive amounts of time in each aisle as I relentlessly read all food labels. I’ve talked about it before how so much of our food has unnecessary ‘stuff’ added in so I won’t bang on about it again, promise! But seriously… read the labels guys, it’s eye opening!

Where the fun happens - love my shiny little kitchen! October 2014
Where the fun happens – love my shiny little kitchen! – October 2014

At home, I’m loving the fact that I’ve just unpacked my box of cookbooks. I’ve made delicious soy and ginger salmon with spinach and almond salad; beef and vege lettuce cups; endless bbqs and paleo pulled pork tacos, just to name a few.

Ginger and soy salmon with spinach and almond salad - YUM! November 2014
Ginger and soy salmon with spinach and almond salad – YUM! – November 2014
Beef and vege lettuce cups November 2014
Beef and vege lettuce cups – November 2014

I’ve made maple pancakes; chocolate and nut bliss balls; coconut and lemon oat balls and a banana apricot slice. Everything I make is now adapted from ‘proper’ recipes and made either paleo, clean or gluten free. While B might not be the biggest fan of hippy everything, I’m getting a lot better at making things more man-friendly than before. I hope. He might say otherwise!

And while I’ve just said I try to only cook healthy, below you will spot two cakes that are definitely NOT healthy. But they were for two special people’s birthday’s and I’m not sure I would have been invited back if I’d cooked raw, paleo cakes. One step at a time… I’m working on it!

Coconut maple pancakes with crispy bacon - what's not to love? October 2014
Coconut maple pancakes with crispy bacon. What’s not to love? – October 2014
Kale chips - don't knock em till you've tried them! Husband approved! October 2014
Kale chips – don’t knock em till you’ve tried em! Husband approved! – October 2014
Paleo pulled pork - AWESOME! October 2014
Paleo pulled pork = AWESOME! – October 2014
Smoothie time! November 2014
Smoothie time! – November 2014
Clearly not healthy! B's birthday cake. White chocolate honeycomb mudcake October 2014
Clearly not healthy! B’s birthday cake. White chocolate honeycomb mud cake – October 2014
And another smoothie... November 2014
And another smoothie… Mango and mint this time! – November 2014
Also clearly not healthy. L's birthday cake - vanilla cheesecake with salted caramel sauce... October 2014
Also clearly not healthy. L’s birthday cake – vanilla cheesecake with salted caramel sauce… – October 2014

Cooking is still my biggest love and paired with my new exercise regime, I’m feeling pretty good. I miss going to the gym and really working up a sweat but I figure that I shouldn’t be spending money on a gym membership until I’m actually earning some money. I’m doing lots of walks by the river, yoga (of course), fitness classes at Lorna Jane and my most recent edition… meditation.

While it might seem as if I’ve gone all hippy on you, I promise I’m still the same girl, just a little healthier and fitter. But you can rest assure that a bottle of wine is definitely chilling in the fridge calling my name. I may have just learnt what the word ‘moderation’ means now though!

A walk with a view! October 2014
A walk with a view! – October 2014
Daily walks in the sunshine November 2014
Daily walks in the sunshine with my shoes from Vegas – November 2014


So that’s the first proper Australian edition of LifeLoveTravelFood! Moving back into ‘real life’ and adjusting to regular every day Aussie life. I think it’ll take some time to get used to but I’m excited about what’s to come.

Thanks again for reading my humble little blog. I love writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

dan xx


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