The hangover of all hangovers…

I have never noticed the affects that food has on my body until now. Let me tell you about the hangover…

Oh. Dear. Gosh.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus after a MASSIVE night out on cheap cider. I am SO tired (even though I went to bed early last night), I’m really grumpy (I’ve already apologised to my work mates), I’ve got the shakes and have a headache!

I know what you’re all thinking. No, I didn’t have a huge Sunday session. I didn’t down a bottle of wine to myself (it’s been known to happen). It’s sugar’s fault.


Sugar! lifelovetravelfood
The main culprit. Temptation at its prettiest.

I’ve been progressively cutting out more and more processed foods from my diet for about a year now and since the start of 2015, have been eating better than ever before. I have lost weight for the first time ever, I’m full of energy, I enjoy exercising (I know, WHAT?!!) and feel great.

B has given up complaining about the ‘hippy’ foods I make and now eats them and even compliments my cooking again! His diet is so much better and he has lost even MORE weight (so unfair, he wasn’t even trying to lose it!) and looks amazing.

And then it all fell apart when we went to my niblings combined birthday party yesterday. The table was a sugary paradise – what kids parties SHOULD be! There were chocolates, biscuits, lollies, sweet little teacups made from marshmallows, jelly cups, honey joys and three types of cake. My sister knows how to throw a good kids party, it was brilliant! So I had a bit of everything. Why not? It was a treat day! But after all that snacking and taste testing everything, I was craving savoury food so badly that B and I had vegemite and cheese on corn thins for dinner!

After my sugar-fueled bender, I went to bed feeling a little worse for wear… and woke up feeling like death warmed up. Even though I’d had plenty of sleep, I felt like I’d had just a couple of hours. I struggled to get myself to the gym (I did though – go me!) and during my workout, felt sluggish and rundown. Even after eating breakfast, I still had the shakes and an absolutely CRANKING heading. My eyes were droopy and I was (and still am) in a really grumpy mood. I cannot believe that all this has come from too much processed sugar.

I’m not writing this blog post to tell everyone that processed sugar is the devil. I’m writing this because I am absolutely fascinated at how my body has adapted to eating natural foods and limiting refined sugars from my diet. I know that certain foods don’t agree with me so that’s why I avoid them. I started cutting down on the amount of sugar due to the types of recipes I was cooking and the fact that other types of sugar and natural sweeteners do the trick for me so I figured, what’s the point in having the processed stuff if the natural stuff is giving me the sweet kick I need?

Raw salted caramel cake via @lifelovetravelfood
Raw salted caramel paleo cake – THIS is my kinda dessert!

So I’m taking this dreadful feeling as a blessing in disguise (an evil, EVIL disguise) to file away in my memory as a warning to my future self that this is how I feel when I eat too much sugar. I know there are people who will read this and say, “Well if you’d never cut out sugar in the first place…” But I know how good I feel without sugar and that’s why I choose to take this horrible feeling as a lesson well learnt.

Although I won’t ever cut out sugar completely because I must admit, the icing from the cupcakes I made, and the endless amount of smarties from the piece of bright pink birthday cake I had DID taste awesome. I probably just shouldn’t have had that AND all the other stuff too!


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