Newie-newness – New home, new travel, new loves (actually, not really), new foods

Before I get started on this blog post, I must add a correction to my last blog post. It was pointed out to me (many, MANY times) that I had missed someone off my last post. May I offer my London big sister a sincere apology and add the following to my proud foodie moments:

  • My London sister making paleo chocolates for Easter; making and sharing a healthy, raw chocolate mousse recipe; and making green smoothies for her and my littlest nibling (isn’t his cow cup adorable?!)
Green smoothies_lifelovetravelfood
Baby smoothie and Mummy smoothie
via @hithergreenhavoc

I hope this public acknowledgement means that my apology has been accepted!


Life has been completely consumed with moving house at the moment! As soon as we arrived back from Broome (that’s coming up in the travel section!) we hit the ground running, booking in copious rental inspections and cringing at the sight of some absolutely hideous rentals.

I’m not fussy (well… not really, B may disagree) so all I wanted was a bit more space (ANYTHING would be bigger than the places we’ve lived in for the past five years) a minimum of two bedrooms and a dishwasher. I cook a lot (I’m sure you’ve already worked that one out) and B hates washing up. To keep a peaceful marriage, a dishwasher was not negotiable. This proved to be much more difficult than we originally anticipated.

So many places were just wrong. Weird layouts, concrete patch as a ‘backyard’, front bedrooms facing noise main road, tiny rooms where you couldn’t even fit a single bed in or agents who ignore all calls, messages and emails left – that’s just bad service if you ask me. But in the end, the very first place we saw turned out to be our favourite. Lovely suburb, great transport options, close to shops, THREE bedrooms, lots of space, nice outdoor areas and most importantly, a dishwasher – hooray!

So we signed on the dotted line, piled our car full of IKEA flat pack furniture (B has loved spending all his free time putting this together!) bought some lovely new bits of furniture with our engagement and wedding money and the move date was set.

Only a couple of keys then…
via @lifelovetravelfood

We’re all moved in now and I absolutely love living in a house again! It is the biggest place we’ve ever lived in together and I’m loving having more than one bathroom and not being able to tell exactly where Ben is at all hours of the day.


Viber and Skype. These two bits of technology are brilliant. Everyone knows what Skype is, but I still find it amazing that you can phone family on the other side of the country AND the world and chat for free. I get to see my delicious E plodding down the hallway with his wheely-Tiger and keep up with the changes my sister is doing with her house. Skype rocks! Viber is also awesome. I remember getting my old phone bills and nearly having a heart attack at how much I’d spent on text messages. So I had a crush on a boy at the time and spent most of my time messaging him back and forth, but just imagine how much money I’d have saved if I’d had Viber! My whole family is on it, as well as many of my overseas friends and I love that I can text as much as I like without spending a cent. Bravo technology, bravo!

I am having a massive crush moment on Perth’s weather right now. It’s cool in the mornings and evenings but perfectly warm, bright and sunny during the day. I LOVE Autumn cause it means changes in food, clothing and weather. I find the changing of the seasons lovely (in fact I wrote an entire blog about it over on Amica) and as we’ve enjoyed back to back summers thanks to moving hemispheres, I’m excited to dig out my cooler climate clothes and recipes.

Travel trinkets. Unpacking these beauties has been so awesome. Yes, they will collect dust and yes, they are just ‘stuff’ but they’re stuff I just love. We have so much stuff that we had to buy three new pieces of furniture to display it all. I loved every moment of unwrapping each piece, remembering where we got it from, and putting it proudly on display. I think the adventures they gave us, the memories they hold and the mismatched beauty of each one sums B and I up perfectly as a couple.

Travel trinkets galore!
via @lifelovetravelfood


We went on a plane! We finally went on a plane! Ok, so we still stayed in the same state, but WA is pretty massive so it still counts. For Easter, we took a trip to beautiful Broome.

It was a hideously early 4am start however it meant we arrived mid-morning and had plenty of time to explore. We spent much of our time by the pool or at the beach and this was exactly how I wanted to spend our mini break.

Beach exploration in Broome
via @lifelovetravelfood

We stayed at Kimberly Sands Resort and were upgraded much to our delight, and our mini suite was amazing. The hot weather was often rather unbearable, but when you jumped into the pool and grabbed a beer, it made it all worthwhile.

As part of B’s 30th birthday present (only six months late) we booked a half day fishing charter – B’s idea of the perfect outing. His last fishing charter resulted in fierce seasickness and I’m no stranger to a bit of boat belly but thankfully, no one got sick and it was lovely and calm on the water.

EVERYONE caught a fish, even little old fishing novice me! And I caught the best fish of the day – no really, it was the envy of the boat – a coral trout! Before we left, B asked me, “What kind of fish do you want to catch?” And I said, “A pink one!” He rolled his eyes at me but that’s exactly what I caught! Woo!! B caught some snappers and a brilliant Spanish mackerel. Our resort was kind enough to freeze the fillets so we were able to take them back home with us.

Fishies! Including my pretty pink fish
via @lifelovetravelfood

Also while in Broome we went to Malcolm Douglas’s crocodile farm which was way better than I was expecting. We saw the incredible dinosaur footprints (ACTUAL dinosaurs walked there, isn’t that fascinating?!) and were lucky enough to be there to see the Staircase to the Moon. Another highlight of our trip was watching the sunset on Cable Beach, beers in hand. Our trip was just wonderful. We did a lot of eating, drinking, relaxing and exploring. A perfect mix of all and we had an absolute ball. The only down side was when I jumped awkwardly to reach a secluded beach and ended up with a huge sprained ankle (I had a fat ankle – aka, a cankle – for a good five days!)

Colours of Broome – photo pre-cankle (my cankle photo is too ugly for my blog)
via @lifelovetravelfood
Start of sunset on Cable Beach
via @lifelovetravelfood
Cable Beach + beers + sunset = awesome
via @lifelovetravelfood

So lifelovetravelfood is once again a legit blog name, hooray!


Here’s what I’ve been cooking at home lately.

Lettuce cup tacos. Regular tacos, just with crunchy lettuce instead of taco shells. I always have the proper shells on hand for B cause he agrees with my sister J and says they’re not tacos if you use lettuce.

Lettuce cup tacos_lifelovetravelfood
Lettuce cup tacos
via @lifelovetravelfood

BBQ fish with Broome spices. While visiting the local markets, we bought some gorgeous looking spices from a local seller. We used these on our potato slices and freshly caught fish that we bbq’d for dinner one night and it was incredible! Nothing fancy, no additives, nothing nasty, just fantastic flavours. Yum. Just YUM!

Bbq fish_lifelovetravelfood
The BEST dinner – bbq fish with local spice mix
via @lifelovetravelfood

Clean ANZAC biscuits. Getting ready for ANZAC day, B decided he wanted to make ANZAC’s. Of course when he came to bake them, we had no regular flour (only gluten free flour), no brown sugar (only coconut sugar) and no golden syrup (only rice malt syrup). Out of sheer laziness for not wanting to go to the shops to get all the traditional ingredients, he baked them anyway and reluctantly admitted they tasted awesome and so the hippy ANZAC biscuit was born!

Clean ANZAC biscuits_lifelovetravelfood
Clean and healthy ANZAC biscuits – yum!
via @lifelovetravelfood

Best roast pork EVER. I’m still dreaming about this gravy. It was made with pan juices and just a bit of water and it was epic. Seriously, seriously good! I was SO impressed with our efforts! The crackling was perfect too and some days there’s nothing better than a good old Sunday roast.

Roast pork_lifelovetravelfood
EPIC Sunday roast
via @lifelovetravelfood

Chocolate coconut good fats cake. One of the girls in my office was leaving and she’s a bit of a health-nut. She didn’t want a regular cake so I offered to make her a coconut good fats cake. It was smooth and delicious, totally not what I was expecting when there’s nothing nasty and only good nutritious ingredients. YUM, I’ll be making this one again!

Good fats cake_lifelovetravelfood
Good fats cake – yes, fat is GOOD!
via @lifelovetravelfood

Red Thai fish curry. Made with Spanish mackerel from Broome, this one was completely made up in my head and tasted unreal! I absolutely loved every mouthful and the mackerel was perfect in it as it is quite a firm fish so didn’t break up in the soupy deliciousness.

Fish curry_lifelovetravelfood
Epic fish curry
via @lifelovetravelfood

And of course a couple of places we’ve visited while out and about…

Lucky Chan Laundry and Noodle House. YUM! A work lunch treat, I had a big bowl of ramen noodles with soup, veges and pork and it was utterly delicious. The bowl was huge and everything was perfectly portioned so you could mix in what you liked. Such a cool venue too, I would love to go back as this place is responsible for my current noodle obsession!

A big ol bowl of ramen
Lucky Chan Laundry and Noodle House
via @lifelovetravelfood

Perth food truck rumble. Doesn’t this sound awesome? Lots of food trucks all gathered in the one spot offering noodles, pizza, dumplings, crepes, burgers, ribs – well, street food basically! B and I arrived absolutely starving after a busy morning. The lines were HUGE. Like I’m talking 30 people long with no sign of slowing down. I was way too hungry to wait and when I get hungry, I don’t get grumpy, I get sick! I feel faint and whingey so rather than wait and see that beast unfold, we went round the corner to a dim sum restaurant. Steamed dumplings arrived almost immediately and while none of it was amazing, it was warm, quick and satisfying so that’s a tick from me.

Exploring Perth’s coffee scene. Loving being back in Australia where decent coffee is not difficult to find (unlike in London) I’m also enjoying trialing new coffee shops all over Perth. I found my favourite very soon after we moved, however that’s no longer local for us so I need to find a replacement.

Once a week, I’ve been treating myself to a coffee on my way to work – trialing a new café each time. I find that not only am I a snob with the coffee itself, but also whether the café offers almond milk and whether they top up my macchiato too much. I am now one of those annoying long coffee order people, “Small long mac topped up half way on almond milk please.” B hates ordering my coffee for me! Luckily, almond milk is really taking off and so many cafes serve it which is great. You’d think that would be enough for me but no, I even judge them on the BRAND of almond milk they use. I’m never rude or mean, I just know what I like!

Testing out Perth’s coffee scene
via @lifelovetravelfood

Buona Vita. Organic pizza with GOOD gluten free bases – that certainly got my attention! First night in our new house, unsure of where most of my kitchen stuff was, there was no way we were going to cook. So we took a trip to our local shops and discovered a pizza shop – perfect, that’s exactly what I felt like! Better still, it offered organic, gluten free bases. I’ve not had a lot of luck in the past with gluten free pizza bases. They’re usually tiny (gluten free people get hungry too you know!) doughy, grainy and a little bit bland. But this one was awesome, and even B agreed it was a good base. There was a lot of meat on the menu and I wasn’t feeling particular carnivorous so I went for a vegetarian pizza and it was GOOD! B loved his ‘boy’ pizza – half and half of two of the meatiest pizzas on the menu –  we were both very impressed and will definitely be back there again.

Living in a new city, it’s exciting to know that we have so many new places to explore. I’m relying quite heavily on review websites like Urbanspoon to tell me what places are like, which I find both helpful and annoying. There are SO many fussy people out there (yes, fussier than what brand of almond milk cafes use!) and I really do feel for people working in hospitality. I will start writing regular reviews to try and be a little more helpful than the many whingers out there.

Until next time!

Dan xx


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