It’s a little quiet in lifelovetravelfood land…


I’m not gonna lie, there’s not a whole lot going on at the moment. I promise I won’t waffle on just for the sake of it, but I will put up a post because I have to keep true to at least ONE of my new years resolutions (blog every month).

Life is just good. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible, just good. The weather is cooler (our first winter for ages, we did back to back summers as we left the northern hemisphere for south – smart!) and we’re just going about our daily lives.

I’m picking myself back up after the ‘shock’ of winter (even I scoffed myself at that line, it’s really not been THAT cold yet. Sure, cold, but not London or Canberra cold) and pushing myself back into fitness. I took some time off after my cankle incident, and well… never really got back on the horse. Last week I made the decision that enough was enough and it was time to get back to it. Slowly but surely the gym is becoming routine and I’m adding in Body Balance and Yoga classes to keep myself interested.

Life is very domesticated. My Sunday’s are no longer spent travelling back from European getaways, and are instead spent visiting farmers markets, going for walks and cooking all afternoon. Very different, but I love it none the less.

Winter walks_lifelovetravelfood
The colours of Autumn (actually, winter). Image @lifelovetravelfood

My one complaint is that our house is FREEZING. It is often warmer outside than it is inside which means ugg boots and tracksuit pants are on constant rotation. It’s not even that cold but somehow, our house feels like a freezer. I’m hoping this means it’s going to be the place to be in summer!


Mumzie and Dad. My parents just came to visit and I loved it. We didn’t do anything spectacular (they did, they went on a very fancy Kimberly cruise that I heard about in great detail – not a complaint Mum and Dad, don’t get offended!) but it was just nice that they were here. We went for walks, had coffee, soaked up the sunshine in the backyard, went out for dinner, visited family and just sat around chatting. It felt so good to have them visit and even better that we could finally offer them decent-ish accommodation with their own room and bathroom. The bed situation was less than ideal (a blow up mattress that deflated in the middle of the night) so perhaps we’ll have that fixed before their next visit!

SHOPPING! Proper shopping, with my Mum and my sister. Not on my own and not with B cause to be honest, B is less than ideal to shop with cause he gets bored and tired after about one store. One Sunday, the boys were lined up for babysitting and us girls went shopping, child free. It was so much fun! I miss shopping with my favourite girls so this was a real treat. Even if I did swear like a sailor as we attempted to find a car park…

Domestic bliss. It might sound sad, but spending Sunday buying fresh fruit and veges from local farmers then cooking together all afternoon has made me pretty happy lately. It’s a far cry from what we were up to this time last year (I’m pretty sure we were gearing up for a week long beach holiday in Cyprus) but I still love it. We’re pretty dependent on each other lately, as the Perth friend market is a bit harder to crack than expected, but it makes me even more appreciative that I married my best friend and that we can be happy without really doing much.

Bedroom styling_lifelovetravelfood
Bedroom styling – we finally have a bed, hooray! Domestic bliss at its finest. Image @lifelovetravelfood


We went to Fremantle last weekend. It was a half hour trip, does that mean it counts as travel!? I went to Padbury to visit my sister a few times, that’s about 35mins in the car. Yeah, so we’ve not really been anywhere exciting lately (sorry L) BUT we have just booked a week long holiday to Bali for the end of July – yippee! We’ll be staying in Ubud and Seminyak – both in beautiful accomodation, away from the party scene cause now I’m 30, I’m way too old and boring for that kind of place!

But back to Freo. We’ve visited a few times and I love it each and every time. First stop, Little Creatures. It never gets old! This time we sat up the top of the building and looked out over the water. It was the perfect setting when the crazy wind and rain hit and the outdoor sandpit turned into a swimming pool. From here we walked to Monk Brewery, via a sports store where B just wanted to have a look. Bad move. We left the store with a new pair of bright orange sneakers for me which I SO didn’t need but were on sale and too pretty to leave in the shop.

New kicks_lifelovetravelfood
Fluro is always a good idea. Image @lifelovetravelfood

After Monk, we wandered through the markets, buying little bits and pieces before ending up in another pub and then another brewery for dinner. It was such a relaxing day and just the two of us which was great. Determined not to ruin our Fremantle tradition, our last stop was the Little Creatures shop where B bought two pint bottles to take home. Ever since our first visit to Little Creatures with L & G in 2010, before we moved to the UK, this is something we’ve done. Every. Single. Time. Needless to say, I am always designated driver when we go to Fremantle. I’m sure if we had a pre-nup, it would have been written in here.


You may have read my blog over on Amica about how I’ve taken a pretty big tumble from my healthy eating high horse. My diet hasn’t been terrible, not even as ‘bad’ as it was before I discovered health and fitness, but it’s definitely not been as good as it was.

Progress_via Amica blog
My progress has taken a few steps back but I’m dusting myself off and getting RIGHT back to it! Image via Amica

To be completely truthful, I’ve just been lazy. Eating well but also having more treats than I should. Then Monday morning I woke up and felt terrible. I knew it was because I’d eaten way too much gluten and other indulgences over the weekend (and weeks) so it was finally catching up with me.

As gross as I felt, I was grateful for the reminder that what I eat really affects how I feel. So this week has been a MUCH better start and I’m feeling a lot better already. We stocked up on loads of fresh produce so I really don’t have many excuses for eating poorly.

So here’s some pics of the good food I HAVE been making and eating. Good old food, always knows how to cheer me up!

L-R from top left:
Apple and berry crumble; puffed cereal chocolate bars; peanut butter cookies; freshness galore; cacao blueberry smoothie; vanilla almond truffles; vanilla almond butter; blueberry and lemon slice; zucchini bacon bites, guacamole and mini corn fritters with smoked salmon.
Everything healthy and utterly YUM. Made by @lifelovetravelfood


Dan xx


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