A babymoon in Bali

Phew! Scraped in by the skin of my teeth. I completely forgot about a blog for August so this one has been written in a bit of a rush! I’m going to keep the life and love sections of this month pretty short cause I’ve gotta give myself more space to bang on about Bali! And food, always food.


My life revolves around the growing bump around my middle. Every conversation I have ends up coming back to something baby related and I’m even finding I’m boring myself! It is my goal of September to remember that not everyone in my life is pregnant and many people have no desire to talk endlessly about baby names, pregnancy symptoms, prams, cots… oh stop me now or I’ll never stop!

But in all seriousness, I am really enjoying my pregnancy at the moment. Keggy and I are getting on very nicely. He/she has already been extremely spoilt by Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents and we have visitors booked in for January, February and March!

Spoilt baby!


As I sit here trying to think of what to write for ‘love’ all I can think about is my bump. Sorry.

My favourite time is in the evening, lying on the couch (our newly purchased couches I might add, I can say I love those!) and feeling Keggy kick and wriggle around in my belly. When B can enjoy the movements and experience what I feel, it really does warm my heart.



Ok this is the section I’m most excited about! Finally, we’ve been somewhere worth writing about – hooray!

Our first overseas trip since coming back to Aus, we were both soooo excited about our holiday. But I must admit, I was also a tad nervous… Bali is notorious for bogan Australians, nightclubs, partying and excess booze. Not really my cup of tea being over 30 and pregnant.

We started in Ubud, staying at the Lokha Ubud which was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Set amongst rainforest, rice paddies and by the river, this was exactly the type of place I wanted to stay. We visited monkey forest where monkeys roam around and can and WILL jump on you (meaning I shall now add monkey’s to the list of animals that scare me) and wandered the streets to shop/barter (more on B’s brutal bartering later) ate great (and not so great) food,  lay by the pool and had many Balinese massages.

Lohka Ubud_Bali_lifelovetravelfood
Swimming amongst the rainforest
Ubud, Bali – July 2015

I still can’t believe we paid as little as $6AU for a one hour massage! Sure, it’s not set in a luxurious environment but $6! SIX!! We had so many, we actually got a little sick of them and at one stage, it almost felt like a chore to go and get one. Yep, holiday life is tough!

Beautiful rice paddies of Ubud
Ubud, Bali – July 2015

In Ubud, B went whitewater rafting – not something I took part in as it’s not really a suitable pregnancy activity! While he was off doing that, I spent the entire day by the pool – blissfully lazy and something B would have hated!

We also did a traditional Balinese cooking class which was really great. Funnily enough, I’ve never done a cooking class before and I loved every bit! Well, all of it except the part when the teacher asked me to taste a curry paste and I asked what was in it.
He said, “Ginger, garlic, shallots, galangal, chillies… that’s it!”
Me: “Really, that’s it? Are you sure?”
Him: “Yes, yes! That’s it!”

So I had a taste.
Him: “Oh! And raw chicken!”

Totally normal for Balinese to taste EVERYTHING as they cook, including raw meats! Needless to say, I didn’t taste anything else until it was time to eat the COOKED food!

Cooking school_lifelovetravelfood
Colours of the markets and cooking class delights (minus the raw chicken)
Ubud, Bali – July 2015

After Ubud, we went to Seminyak and had our own private villa with a pool and a cook who came every morning to make us breakfast and clean up. YES!!

In Seminyak, we went to the beach (but didn’t swim, it was a little cold and also, I’m a massive beach snob and Bali’s beaches did not live up to my standards) more shopping, lots of eating, a few more massages and a whole lot of nothing.

Towel animals, beach, sunshine – LOVE Bali!
Seminyak, Bali – July 2015

Being pregnant, every time B would ask me, “What do you want to do now?” My answer was always the same, “Go to the bathroom and sit down.” We spent a lot of time in bars or cafes having drinks, being sure to check they had a bathroom before committing to a purchase. B became well acquainted with Bintang beers (and actually admitted he was sick of alcohol by the end of the holiday) while my drink of choice was soda water or fresh coconuts. I loved that coconuts were everywhere, cost next to nothing and were SO enormous, there was only one time I managed to finish the entire thing.

Giant coconut – this bad boy was HEAVY!
Ubud, Bali – July 2015

We bought a few bits and pieces in the markets and then on our last day, decided to do one big purchase and let B put his rusty bartering skills to the test. We’d previously got three pairs of pants (I like to call them pregnancy pants – super stretchy and I can pull them up over my bump – not B’s favourite look!) for $10 so he was ready to deal. Needless to say, the woman in the shop was delighted when we spent plenty of time asking for more and more items. Her delight soon turned to despair when she realised she was dealing with a brutal barterer! B still reckons he could have got it cheaper but I thought $25 for four tops, a pair of shorts and a big bag was a pretty good. I immediately felt sorry for the owner, but that’s why I don’t barter – I’m a sucker!

For our last night, we had to move villas and immediately thought we’d been downgraded to a villa with shared a shared pool (oh the tragedy – first world problems at its finest) until we realised that it was all for us. Three huge rooms with their own bathrooms and walk in robes, a full size kitchen, enormous dining room, sunken lounge, ‘man-cave’, sleeping pod, another bathroom and a full sized pool. For two people. I was in relaxation heaven and thought I may need to be forcibly removed from our little slice of paradise.

Dyana Villas_lifelovetravelfood
Pool perfection – Dyana Villas
Seminyak, Bali – August 2015
Dyana Villas_Bali_lifelovetravelfood
The luxury of our villa
Dyana Villas
Seminyak, Bali – August 2015
Dyana Villas_Bali_lifelovetravelfood
Giant pool just for us! Yippee!
Dyana Villas, Bali – August 2015

So our trip to Bali for our babymoon (and possibly our very last ‘just the two of us’ holiday) was wonderful. The perfect mix of ‘doing stuff’ and ‘doing nothing’. Sure, there were still the usual annoyances – constantly being beeped at by taxis asking if you wanted a lift, being asked the following over and over again, “lady want a sarong? Another t-shirt? You want Bintang singlet?” and being called ‘Boss’, “You buy from me boss? You need sunglasses boss? Cheap price, just for you boss.” There are also the usual bogan Australians who fill the streets and make you wonder if you are actually even in a different country. However there are definitely gems to be found in Bali, if you are willing to look for them and look beyond the usual touristy stuff.

If you’re looking for my tips and recommendations, I wrote a post about our babymoon on Amica blog if you fancy a read.


First I’ll go through my Bali food highlights and then my healthy home cooking. So much food to talk about, so little time (or realising that my readers may not share my obsession with every single thing I’ve eaten in a month).

  • Sisterfields, Seminyak – the BEST place we ate the whole trip (in my opinion!) They had the perfect menu – half ‘boy’ food (pulled pork, meatballs, burgers etc) and half my kinda food (acia bowls, delicious smoothies, gluten free options). We went here twice and I wish we could have gone back more.
BEST food – I wish this place was in Perth!
Sisterfields – Seminyak, Bali
July 2015
  • Hanks Pizza and Liquor – I got a bolognese pizza which tasted like lasagne on pizza – what’s not to love about that!? And their homemade ginger beer was the best I’ve ever tasted – so spicy and delicious!
Mmm, lasagne pizza! Hanks Pizza and Liquor
Seminyak – July 2015
  • Warung Indonesia, Kuta – nothing flash about this place but the food was traditional, excellent quality and cheap! The cheapest place we ate all trip – we got nasi goreng (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles) plus two drinks for $5. Ah-mazing.
Traditional Indonesian food_lifelovetravelfood
Traditional Indonesian food – cheap as chips!
Kuta, Bali – July 2015
  • Fat Gajah, Seminyak – the best dumplings I’ve ever had in my life. So fricken good. Worth the somewhat annoying staff who asked if we were enjoying our meal the second we’d shoved an entire dumpling in our mouths. Sorry there’s no photo of the dumplings, I got a little excited and ate them before I remembered to snap a pic!
  • Sarong Restaurant, Seminyak – we went here for our last night in Bali. They had an incredible cocktail menu and the barman let me choose a regular cocktail that he then made into a mocktail for me – huge tick of approval! Highlights included  DIY beef rice paper rolls and melt in the mouth pork belly and snickers ice-cream that was like velvet – SO good!

And now for my recent Perth eats. Our eats out and about haven’t been anything to write home about – apart from last night when we I had a delicious baked salmon dish with greens, cauliflower puree and almonds but it was too dark to take a decent photo!

So this is what I’ve been cooking this month.

Sweet potato gnocchi. Takes a while to make but is SO worth it. I made this on our first night after holidays and piled it high with greens for a super healthy dinner that was ‘kind of’ husband approved.

sweet potato gnocchi_lifelovetravelfood
Sweet potato gnocchi – YUM!

Meatzza. This one was much more up B’s ally. A pizza but instead of a regular base, a MEAT base.

Pizza with a meat base – boy heaven!

Sushi. I miss being able to have sushi whenever I feel like it so B made me a pretty epic platter of vege sushi recently that tasted fricken awesome. He is officially the sushi master in our house but the problem with this is I keep asking him to make it and he keeps putting me off!

Sushi master at work

Creamy roasted cauliflower and thyme pasta. I’m always looking for vegetarian recipes to trial and this one went down pretty well. I shared the recipe with others and it’s come back from two brothers in law as ‘good’, three niblings with excellent reviews (apparently my niece nearly licked the plate clean!) my Mum liked it but my Dad had a typical ‘it was ok’ response! I loved it and am making it again this week!

Cauliflower pasta_lifelovetravelfood
Vegetarian, gluten free, homemade, healthy – YUM!

Coconut porridge. I never follow porridge recipes but I’m slightly obsessed with my new Deliciously Ella cookbook. This stuff was gorgeous! Ridiculously filling, I didn’t eat any snacks all morning (unheard of!) and had a tiny lunch.

Deliciously Ella_lifelovetravelfood
Coconut porridge deliciousness


So that’s the latest in the world of lifelovetravelfood! Pretty impressed I managed not to spend the entire blog talking about pregnancy symptoms. Perhaps that can be next month… only joking! Sort of…

Dan x


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