Six months of one thing on my mind

* Life *

My entire life revolves around my bump. How he/she is feeling, how I’m feeling, what’s next to buy, when is my next doctors appointment, which book to read next, is Keggy growing enough or too much… it’s never ending! I honestly can’t think of anything else. When anyone asks how I am or what I’ve been up to, I don’t have an answer unless it’s baby related. I know what I said last month, but that’s the truth! Actually trying to think of something not-baby related is HARD!

Pregnancy quote_lifelovetravelfood
Amen to this!
Image via @preggo.leggings

This month was all about organisation. We wanted to have some of the big purchases done so that it’s not all a mad rush at the end. We have now got Keggy’s cot, change table, high chair and pram sorted. We’re incredibly lucky to have friends who have older children and are selling their nursery furniture and baby items so we’re snapping them up as novice parents cause we have no clue what brands to buy or what to look out for. It’s all so overwhelming and half the time you’re not sure if a product is really a necessity or just a waste of money.

Getting the nursery ready. This is by no means finished – I still have LOTS of nesting to do.

I’ve been in organisation mode in all aspects of life, shopping up a storm sorting out Christmas and birthday presents so when the little person arrives, I’m not caught out. I must admit, ticking things off my list is incredibly satisfying and I’ve posted a heap of presents to family in London and finished wrapping a stack more presents the other night #feelingsmug

* Love *

I really enjoyed my second trimester of pregnancy (that’s months three to six for anyone who, like me 12 months ago, had NO idea why women spoke in ‘weeks’ and ‘trimesters’) and am actually feeling quite good going into my third. I haven’t put on huge amounts of weight (yet!) my belly is getting rounder and the gender predictions are coming in thick and fast.

I love hearing everyone’s theories – my Mum thinks girl because both my sisters had boys first and according to her, I have always done things differently to them (so true!) Some friends think boy because I myself am so incredibly girly. And then there’s all the, “Well you’re carrying really low which means boy,” and, “Oh you can’t sleep on your side? That’s totally a girl.” As much as I would LOVE to know if Keggy is a girl or a boy, I love the idea of hearing, “Congratulations! It’s a…” at the birth. I am so excited for that moment (because it also means the birth is over).

27 weeks_lifelovetravelfood
27 week bump – or just over six and a half months!

Celebrating our wedding anniversary. I can’t believe three years have passed since our wedding day! This year our anniversary fell on a Tuesday so the Sunday before, we celebrated by going to Totem by Cirque du Soleil which was just wonderful. They’re always a spectacular sight, but to be honest, that’s the fifth one I’ve seen so I think I’m a bit over them for a while! But here’s to us B… love you like crazy and I can’t wait for the next wonderful adventure together xxxxx

Totem Perth

Driving to work. How superficial is that? We live close to really great transport but in order for me to get to work, I need to walk a fair way from the where the bus drops me off. Usually, it’s a very easy walk but as my walk turns to a waddle, by the time I actually get to work, I’m utterly exhausted. So on B’s recommendation, I have started to drive to work and it’s made the biggest difference! I now make sure I go for a walk at lunchtime or in the morning to keep up my exercise as my regular gym sessions have all but fizzled up these days.

Watching my niblings grow and learn. Whether it be on Skype with E in London, or visiting R and K on the weekends, I am fascinated at how quickly these beautiful little kids are growing up. K sang me the alphabet today and did an ABC puzzle to perfection, without ANY help. Amazing! R has gone from a chubby-bubby to a feisty, giggly, hilarious little miss who is learning words at an incredible rate. E went from crawling to running, has worked out how to unzip his sleeping bag and can open doors and draws causing havoc in London. I find them all so interesting and adore watching them grow up. It’s lucky we’re pregnant cause those three make me ridiculously clucky!

* Travel *

Sooo… we really haven’t gone anywhere this month. Apart from spending lots of time at Ikea and furniture shopping, I really have nothing to report here. Next month we’re off to Brisbane, T’bar and the Gold Coast for my best friends wedding – yippee! so September has been a bit of a quiet one for us! Oh, B went on a fishing charter AND he went to Fremantle when his best mate came over for a visit, but that’s about as far as either of us has gone this month. Let’s move on shall we?!

* Food *

Ah food, the subject that’s never difficult to talk about! Here are my September foodie highlights.

150 East – This place was a restaurant in hotel so my expectation were pretty low. I chose crispy skinned salmon, sautéed greens, creamy and smooth cauliflower puree with almonds – the chef’s special – and it was absolutely delicious! The fish was perfectly cooked, great seasoning and the cauliflower puree was like silk. SO yum but there’s no pic because it was too dark to snap one and I severely dislike photos with flash.

Thanh Dat – A hole in the wall, nothing special kinda place, this has become our go-to Vietnamese lunch spot. Cheap, quick, cheerful and their Pad Thai is sooooooo good! The best I’ve ever had (and trust me, I’ve eaten a LOT of Pad Thai). So good that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to order anything else from the menu for fear of it not being as yummy as the Pad Thai!

Best EVER!!

Coventry Seafood Bar & Grill – This is where we went for our anniversary dinner and from the outside it looked pretty average (there’s a recurring theme here!) I had a steak with salt and pepper calamari. I’m not the biggest squid fan, I’ll maybe eat one piece when B orders it but this stuff was melt in your mouth delicious. My steak had to be cooked well done thanks to Keggy, but it was surprisingly tender, juicy and yum! B had a seafood platter – fish, squid, prawns, oysters, chips and salad with everything fresh and really well cooked. Two for one mains on a Tuesday – how could you go wrong?!

Feral Brewery – The brewery that makes B’s favourite WA beer, we visited here with T when he visited from T’bar last week. We came for lunch and shared a few small dishes between the three of us. I chose pork with fennel and orange salad which was more like roast pork but I loved the combo of fresh fennel and blood orange. My other pick was buckwheat, tomato, basil and smoked mozzarella salad which was the standout dish of the day. B even said, “Wow, that’s actually a really good salad!” – that’s huge coming from him! My only complaint was that I wished it were bigger! There was also a pork and crackling dish which was delicious and the boys shared a steak with mash and ratatouille which was apparently delicious – absolutely YUM lunch!

Feral brewery salad_lifelovetravelfood
Tomato, basil, buckwheat and smoked mozzarella – SO flipping yum!

And some home cooked highlights include…

Not so TeeVee snacks – a group baking effort which B and I made with K and R when we babysat on the weekend. Crazy easy to make, kid (and big kid!) friendly, healthy and yum. Not so great on their own but the chocolate makes them delish! Recipe from my go-to healthy baking site Wholefoods Simply

Not quite TeeVee snacks_lifelovetravelfood
A special shape for each of us – baked with love!

Healthy chocolate cake – healthy DELICIOUS chocolate cake. Yes, it can be done! I had a craving for chocolate cake the other weekend and was stoked at how well this recipe worked out. While it wasn’t B’s favourite, he ate it all week which means it wasn’t a failure and I loved it so it’s going to be a regular in our house I think! Recipe from the Healthy Chef

Healthy chocolate cake_lifelovetravelfood
You can’t tell me this doesn’t look awesome

Homemade baked beans – I’m a bit anti-sweet in the mornings at the moment and that can make breakfast (which during the week I eat at work) a bit difficult. From my Deliciously Ella cookbook, these homemade baked beans were easy and really yum on toast with avocado. I had to alter the recipe to better suit our tastes but these are a great addition to breakfast and SO much better than the ones full of sugar and other c r a p you get in tins at the supermarket.

Healthy baked beans_lifelovetravelfood
No hidden nasties – make these, they’re delicious!

Clean coconut ice – B LOVES coconut ice and always wants to buy it when he sees it at school fetes and markets. I shudder at the ingredients so I’m personally not a fan, despite being obsessed with coconut. I was pretty excited to find a clean recipe and I made this for him for ‘almost a’ Father’s Day. He liked it… but struggles to let me take ALL his childhood favourites and make them healthy! Recipe from Pretend Health Freak via

Clean coconut ice_lifelovetravelfood
Not super pink cause I had no pink food colouring so I used raspberries!

Paleo sticky date pudding – not a winner with B 😦 I really liked this healthified version and it got the thumbs up from L&G when they came over for dinner. I thought the caramel sauce was gorgeous and I’m pretty excited to be able to enjoy this pudding I had sidelined since trying to eat healthier. Recipe from The Merrymaker Sisters

Paleo sticky date pudding_lifelovetravelfood
A classic dessert paleofied

Chocolate banana nice-cream – My pregnancy cravings have been calling for chocolate and this often means me breaking into B’s chocolate stash and all but polishing it off. To stop myself from doing this, I decided to make myself some nice-cream instead. Frozen banana, frozen blueberries, a touch of raw cacao and rice malt syrup blended up to make a ridiculously yummy dessert. I made this for my niblings and they both loved it – so cool that they think they’re having something naughty when it’s full of goodness! Recipe, measurements and ingredients were simply made up as I went along.

– – –

As part of my nesting I’m thinking of ways to improve my blog cause I think my posts can be slightly too rambly. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear from you! Otherwise, as always thank you for reading and see you in October when I’m bigger and even more pregnancy obsessed!

Dan xx


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