Last post as just the two of us… sort of


Baby bump (aka Keggy) is still all consuming. I decided last night I would try to sleep in as MUCH as possible cause baby could arrive at any point and steal all my precious hours. So at 7am on this Saturday morning, I’m wide awake and typing away. Parent-readers of my blog will laugh. 7am IS a sleep-in. Non-parents or those who know me well will also laugh. 7am for me is NOT a sleep-in. 9.30 or 10am is my sleep-in of choice… so as you can see, Keggy is already getting his/her own way and ruling my life.

Pregnancy has been very kind to me in the big scheme of things. I can only really complain about being stupidly tired, having chubby hands and ankles, uncomfortable, struggling to roll over, back pain and not being able to sleep properly. Which I realise is nothing compared to what some women go through so I refuse to complain (whinging to B doesn’t count, that’s allowed) as I know I’m VERY lucky to be in this position.

I wrote a blog post for Love flock (previously known as ‘Amica’ the blog I regularly write for) about my fears of becoming a first time Mummy which I’d love you all to read. I’ve had the most incredible feedback from it which has really warmed my heart. People I’ve not spoken to in years, used to work with or go to school with, have all reached out and told me they felt exactly the same or not to worry. It really did give me a big Mummy-boost!

35 week bump_lifelovetravelfood
Bump update! 35 week bump

We also did our antenatal class last weekend and I’ve gotta say, as scary as some parts were (yes, we watched a birthing video) I feel a lot more informed now and almost ready to have this baby. My hospital bag is packed, the cradle is in our bedroom, the pram is by the door, the car seat is in. I think we’re ready. I think…

Keggy’s nursery is just missing Keggy!


Gender guesses – these continue to thrill me. The size of my bump means boy. The aggressive kicks mean girl. I’m carrying low so that’s a boy. I’ve not dropped yet and am carrying high which is a boy. Keggy doesn’t kick like mad when I eat chocolate which means boy. A LOT of people are saying boy to me now so I’m really unsure and can’t make up my mind as to what I think we’re having. Not knowing is incredibly exciting and I cannot WAIT to be told by B or my obstetrician as to whether Keggy is a mini-B or a mini-d.

Beach bump_lifelovetravelfood
Girl or boy bump?

Another baby nibling – I’m am THRILLED that my middle sister L, is pregnant with her third little person. I think being an Aunty is one of the best things in the entire world and L and G make pretty darn cute babies. Due in May, I’m pretty excited that L and I will be on maternity leave together. Keggy won’t be the baby cousin for long but I simply cannot WAIT to meet you Pigling!

The countdown – I’m not gonna lie. I’m looking forward to finishing work. My office job makes it pretty uncomfortable to sit all day and Keggy (who is currently facing outwards) goes a little bit wild with elbows, arms, knees and feet pushing awkwardly outwards causing me to gasp out loud throughout the day. Walking to the bathroom was an effort yesterday cause Keggy was pushing so hard on my bladder I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Curled over, waddling as fast as I could I’m sure I was a pretty sight. The idea of finishing up and being able to rest and not change out of stretchy pjs the entire day is looking VERY appealing right now.

Family – This one makes the list every month (and twice this post) even if I don’t write about it. But particularly this month because at the end of October, I lost my Nanna – my last Grandparent. It’s never easy losing a loved one and I was particularly devastated as I SO wanted Nanna to meet Keggy. But, she was 95 (I know, what a champion!) and in poor health for the last month so was ready to go. She was an incredible person and as sad as it is to let go, I loved reading my Dad’s beautifully written eulogy as I learnt so much more about her. It makes you realise you should ask to hear these stories BEFORE they pass and I have made a note to make sure I do this from now on.

I flew to Brisbane for the funeral with my sister L and we enjoyed a few days of pure-family time which is pretty rare when we visit Brisbane. I loved being there for my Dad in particular, and was honoured to be part of Nanna’s funeral by reading some poems on Dad’s behalf. It’s times like these that make me  appreciate more than ever how lucky I am to have such an amazing, loving, caring family.


YES! I actually have something to write in here! Woo! At the end of last month, B and I took a lovely weekend trip to a few country towns. For no particular reason apart from that we’d not really ventured very far from Perth and it may very well be our last chance to go somewhere just the two of us. We drove through Gidgegannup, Toodyay, Northam, York, Beverly and Brookton. All pretty little towns (well, except Northam, I found that place a little scary) nice to visit and wander around. We visited a few wineries, olive oil farms, lolly shops and antique stores along the way and ended up in a lovely old country pub in Brookton for the night.

Weekend away_lifelovetravelfood
Last one just the two (and a half) of us

Our weekend wasn’t anything crazy or overly exciting but just getting out of the norm of Perth was lovely. Plus it’s pretty amazing to think that next time we’ll have a third person in tow!


I’m loving the food truck scene in Perth at the moment. They’ve been a recent edition in the suburb where I work (where usually, the food choice is pretty limited or hideously overpriced – thanks a lot Perth) and I’ve tried them all – of course! Brazilian lunch box, pulled pork roll with spicy cajun chips and my current favourite, fresh tacos. I’ve got one week left at work, do you reckon it would be bad to visit the food trucks every day to get my fix?! It’s probably just as well they’re only there three days a week or else I might be tempted…

Perth food trucks_lifelovetravelfood
Brazilian, bbq and Mexican food truck deliciousness

Back in Brisbane, I loved going out for breakfast and coffees with family. We visited Milk Ashgrove on numerous occasions – first for breakfast, and again because we discovered they do ultimate thickshakes that we HAD to try. At breakfast, I always want to make a healthy choice and go in with the best intentions, only to be swayed by hashbrowns, bacon, pancakes or waffles. This time, I stuck to my guns and ordered Qld bircher muesli which was utterly delicious and didn’t make me feel sick or bloated afterwards. Hooray!

Bircher muesli_lifelovetravelfood
Qld bircher muesli – yum!

The next day we returned to share a deluxe Nutella thickshake. Yes, we shared but I’m glad we did. Just look at it. Enough said. OMG… yes…

Ultimate Nutella thickshake_lifelovetravelfood
Tasted as good as it looked!
Deluxe nutella thick shake from Milk Ashgrove

Back in Perth, we FINALLY celebrated B and L’s October birthday’s with a night out sans kids. We went to Porky’s bbq and bar cause L and B both love ribs. I had such high hopes but left disappointed (hence why there’s no pics). It wasn’t bad food, it just wasn’t great. I hate wasting calories and stomach space on ‘only ok’ food. But to make up for it, we went for sundaes afterwards at Ben & Jerry’s and then beers (or waters) at the pub. Despite a less than wonderful dinner, it was still a fun night out!

Having a proper date, probably our last in a while, last weekend B and I made the most of having a plan-free weekend. We spent the morning at the beach, went out for lunch then went to the movies – such a fun day! For lunch we went to a pub called The Saint George. I’ll admit, my expectations were pretty low but it ended up being a seriously good lunch! I surprised myself and didn’t get swayed by burgers or pizzas and instead had a spinach and avocado salad with grilled chicken. So fresh, full of good ingredients and seriously tasty. B had a prawn po-boy sandwich with chips and onion rings and with three different deep-fried ingredients on one plate, enjoyed it but regretted it later!

Delicious healthy lunch in the foreground, not so healthy lunch in the background

At home cooking has been a little unadventurous lately. I’m after easy, no-fuss recipes that I can make after I force myself to get up off the couch after work. I’ve also been in a pretty epic nesting mode, cooking double quantity of dinners to freeze to have when Keggy arrives. Here’s what I’ve been making this month.

Pork and fennel meatballs – this was meant to be part of my freezer meals but they were so yummy, we ate them all in one go! I had mine in a big salad bowl and gave B his in a sub sandwich.

Pork and fennel meatballs – too yummy for leftovers! @lifelovetravelfood

Bacon, spinach and roasted pumpkin brown rice risotto – apart from the fact that brown rice takes longer to cook, I genuinely prefer it over white rice. It has a nutty taste and is so much better for you. It makes a really good risotto and as long as B can taste the bacon, he’s happy too!

Healthy risotto_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy and yummy baked risotto – easy (but not quick) to make

Popcorn chicken – YUM! I made these for a starter with homemade tomato sauce when L and G came over for dinner. Kid-friendly and grown-up approved, these have very few ingredients and are super easy to make. I think the homemade tomato sauce needs a bit of tweaking to convince B that we can stop buying the supermarket stuff that’s packed with sugar and other rubbish, but I’m working on it.

Healthy popcorn chicken_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy popcorn chicken – kid and husband approved!

Boo-nana ghost pops – made for my Perth niblings for Halloween, I took the traditional white-chocolate version and made it healthy. Half a banana dipped into natural greek yogurt flavoured with pure vanilla and popped into the freezer. A little paleo chocolate for the face and that’s it! They went down a treat plus L was happy cause her little ones got a healthy dessert. Brownie points for Aunty d!

Boo-nana ghost pops_lifelovetravelfood
Healthy boo-nana ghost pops


So my next blog post may very well be quite soon if I get the urge to write again before Keggy arrives or otherwise, it’ll be after I’ve had my baby!! Or there is a third option which is that I’ll never write another blog post cause I’ll be too exhausted and will only have conversations about nappies and lack of sleep.

I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. Wish us luck!!


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