I solemnly swear not to obsess about my baby…


Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since my last blog cause, well… I had a baby! So before I kick off this months blog, I need to reassure you all and make this promise to you… My blog will not change now I’m a Mum. It will NOT turn into a baby blog. I will not write about my birthing story, only write about nappy changes and my babies weekly developments. I WILL write about him cause he’s a pretty massive part of my life now but it won’t change my entire blog. I promise! If I ever start doing a baby-obsessed blog post, please feel free to tell me!

So yes. I had a baby boy, Hamish Willis Murphy, born 15 December 2015 and to say B and I are utterly besotted with him is an understatement. I am absolutely LOVING motherhood – even the interrupted sleep, the frustrations and the 3am nappy and outfit changes due to him weeing all over himself while sleep deprived Mummy doesn’t notice until he’s soaked his outfit and even got it in his mouth – true story.

First family photo

Life has completely changed but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

H’s first Christmas



Family and friends – B and I have been completely blown away with how generous family and friends have been since the birth of H. We have been overwhelmed with flowers, presents, cards, and messages of love, it’s been absolutely incredible. We feel so, SO lucky (I will NOT say ‘blessed’) and appreciate every single person who’s been in touch, it means so much to us! THANK YOU!

Incredibly spoilt!

Sleep – oh my how I love sleep. With broken sleep now a real part of my life, I am finding myself falling into incredibly deep sleeps when I DO get some z’s. This sounds great, until H wakes and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. But any sleep I get is bliss!

Just a little bundle of cuteness!

Early morning viber chats – a friend of mine also became a first time Mum four days before H was born. It’s been so great chatting with her over viber at ungodly hours of the morning, sharing concerns, tips, stories and sleepless nights.

B coming home from work – I LOVE it when B gets home from work. Either so I can shove H at him and give myself a break if he’s had a testing day, or so I can chat about how adorable our baby is and get news of the outside world. That makes it sound like I’m under lock and key at home which obviously I’m not!

Fitness – ok, so it’s pretty slow going fitness – just walking at the moment, but I’m so glad I have my energy back and don’t get exhausted walking 100m like I did while pregnant. The fresh air does wonders for my happiness and I always feel better after some Vitamin D.

Active living_lifelovetravelfood
Getting active in as many colours as possible! Showing off my baby in my active wear! @lifelovetravelfood

Wholefood Simply – this is a healthy baking website that has me a tad bit obsessed, to the point that I have to stop myself from making something every day. I love healthy baking and these recipes are the absolute BEST!

Instagram inspo – my newsfeed has changed from healthy food, restaurants and fitness pages to new Mum’s, post-natal fitness and baby pages… oh, and Kmart pages (I am totally addicted to Kmart at the moment, I have a problem). What I love is how supportive strangers can be about motherhood. They’re so reassuring and kind, even a wonderful girl Alice who I’ve never met before sent H a present, isn’t that amazing?! It’s so nice to see that social media doesn’t always have to be about bullying and showing off your perfect life, it can be full of love, support and kindness from complete strangers.



Hahaha!! Even our hospital was only ten minutes down the road so I’m not sure I’ve got much to say here!

Actually, we DID take a family day trip to Rockingham while B was on parental leave which was  so lovely. Rockingham gets a pretty bad wrap and yes, I was totally snubbing the idea of going down there but B insisted and I’m so glad he did. The beaches are simply incredible. It still blows me away at how beautiful WA beaches are – they are stunning, some of the most beautiful in the world I think (and you all know I’m a massive beach snob, I’m a Queenslander, it’s in my blood).

Beautiful Rockingham

With our boy sleeping beautifully in his pram, we took a walk along the beach, had coffee in a cool little cafe, went for another walk and actually had to wake H up for a feed! I also did my first public breastfeed which was a bit of a challenge – I think I need some more practice at that one! We enjoyed a pub lunch and even got some shopping in (yes, I went to Kmart. Again). On our way home, we even stopped at a brewery which was SO English, it felt like we’d gone straight back to the UK!

It was such a great day and felt wonderful to be out and about – I genuinely thought that I’d be confined to the four walls of our house for the first few months of H’s arrival so to do a day trip was amazing.

And for travel, that’s as much as I’ve got unless you count trips to Padbury to visit L&G or my daily walks around my suburb… no? Ok, moving on then…



Ah, the subject I never struggle to talk about! During my nesting phase, I cooked SO many meals for our freezer as I expected to be so incredibly tired and frazzled that I’d have no time or energy to make dinners once H was here. We’ve been very fortunate so far (I’m aware these things can change at any second so I don’t want to jinx it!) that I’ve felt pretty good and have been able to cook and bake when I want to. So here’s what’s been on the menu in the past month.

Nine Fine Foods – the Saturday before H arrived, we went out for an absolutely amazing five course modern Japanese degustation dinner. Sashimi, eel soup, caviar angel hair pasta, pork belly with tempura bacon. I’ll say that again. Tempura. Bacon. Ohhh my goodness it was utterly delicious! I love places that force me to try foods I would normally avoid. This was definitely one of them and I’m so glad I got over my fears and tried and enjoyed eel and caviar!

Nine Fine Foods_lifelovetravelfood
Who knew I’d enjoy eating eel?! Nine Fine Foods degustation

Inglewood Night Markets – one 40 degree day, we walked down to the Monday night markets with H and I had some of the best food truck food since arriving in Perth. A haloumi and salad wrap with sweet potato fries from Meast was SO delicious and I finished with personalised frozen yogurt from Ubuntu Real Food Co – you pick three flavours and then they swirl them all together to make your very own frozen yogurt creation. Mine was peanut butter, cacao and raspberry – the BEST!

Meast_food truck_lifelovetravelfood
Haloumi and salad wrap with sweet potato fries from Meast food truck
Frozen yogurt_lifelovetravelfood
My new obsession, I want to eat it every day! Personalised frozen yogurt from Ubuntu Real Food Co

Finlay and Sons – to farewell my Mumzie who recently came to visit, we went out for breakfast on her last day. She had french toast with kiwi and strawberries and I had the big green breakfast – gooey poached eggs (my gosh I missed these during pregnancy) spinach, avocado, asparagus and hollandaise on an English muffin. Mmm mm!

French toast at Finlay & Sons
Green breakfast_lifelovetravelfood
Lots of green goodness at Finlay & Sons

We’re still getting used to juggling life with a baby and eating out so we’ve not been to as many places as normal but I think we’re doing ok! Tomorrow we’re planning a lunch date so fingers crossed we have a calm, sleeping baby on our hands so I don’t have to eat with him on my lap!

– – –

Smoothie bowls – Phew! It’s been HOT in Perth lately. My favourite breakfast of the moment is smoothie bowls. I know I’ve mentioned them in previous blogs but at least now I’ve managed to make them look a bit prettier!

Raspberry smoothie bowl
Red berry smoothie bowl
Green smoothie bowl_lifelovetravelfood
Green smoothie bowl

Mango and raspberry pina colada cake – I was on dessert duty for Christmas Day with L well aware that if things didn’t quite go to plan with having a ten day old baby, she’d be forced to make something up at a moments notice. Luckily that didn’t happen and we had a mango and raspberry pina colada cake. Like tiramisu but with a fresh fruit twist and instead of marscapone and cream, I swapped them out for coconut cream and greek yogurt. This one was an absolute winner, SO good! And L and I shared a second slice because she’s pregnant and I’m breastfeeding so calories don’t count for either of us.

Mango raspberry pina colada cake_lifelovetravelfood
Mango and raspberry pina colada cake made healthy(ish)

No-knead seeded spelt bread – from my new healthy Donna Hay cookbook, this no-knead bread was delicious and husband approved! As long as you’ve got time to wait (it has to sit and rise for eight hours) then all you have to do is mix, leave and cook. Best bread recipe ever!

Seeded spelt bread_lifelovetravelfood
Seeded spelt bread – a delicious success!

Healthy carrot cake – from my favourite Wholefood Simply. Five ingredient carrot cake with a cashew cream icing. Far out it was SO good, I had to stop myself from eating it for breakfast everyday! Again, totally using ‘I’m breastfeeding’ as an excuse to eat cake but at least I’ve managed to bake and eat healthier sweet treats instead of going straight for the chocolate stash that I devoured at one point. I will definitely be making this cake again!

Healthy carrot cake_lifelovetravelfood
Officially one of my favourite cakes!

Lactation cookies – Stay with me on this one – these biscuits are awesome! I  bought some lactation cookies to try when I started breastfeeding and then decided I wanted to try and make them myself. I struggled to find a healthy recipe so I made up my own and they worked perfectly! I know the word ‘lactation’ sounds slightly terrifying to anyone who’s not breastfeeding but they’re perfectly safe (and delicious) for anyone to eat. The only ‘weird’ ingredient they’ve got in them is brewers yeast which helps breastfeeding women produce more milk. Again, I have to restrict myself to how many of these I eat in a day… being at home has always been my downfall in my eating habits so I’ve started keeping a food diary to make me more accountable. Cause let’s be frank, no one wants to look back and see that they ate six cookies in one sitting…

Healthy lactation cookies_lifelovetravelfood
Seriously yummy cookies, even if you’re not breastfeeding!

– – –

So I’m pretty impressed I’ve managed to get a blog post together – I honestly didn’t think I’d be doing anything once H arrived so bravo me!

Rare quiet cuddles with my beautiful boy where he’s not searching for milk for once! @lifelovetravelfood

Next blog post will be about all our house guests and visitors and the adventures we get up to together. My in-laws arrive on Tuesday followed by our awesome friends R&P from Melbourne, then my sister, brother in law and nephew from London (who I’ve not seen since we left London – my GOSH I’m excited to see them!!) AND my Mumzie and Dad are coming back. Yay!! Busy times ahead!

Love Dan xx


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