Falling off the healthy wagon – can’t I just blame the baby?!

Oh dear! So much for regular blog posts! This has well and truly fallen off my radar, and while I want to blame the baby (as per the title of this blog) I really shouldn’t cause it’s just pure laziness on my part.

When H goes down for his sleeps, it’s me-time. Me-time means I can take a load off, sit down and just relax. While I LOVE writing and adore blogging, sometimes it can still feel like an effort cause you know, spell-check, proof-reading and all that boring stuff. But anyway, I’m back and am ready to write!


So… what to write here… I don’t feel like I have a whole lot to say in this section cause not everyone in the world wants to hear about my mum life. Cause that’s essential what it is – prepping H’s meals, doing washing, drinking coffee, Mums and bubs group, going grocery shopping, nappies, sleep times, routine, catch ups with my sister. Just mum life. And I fricken LOVE it but I know to most people, it’s not really all that interesting so I won’t blog about it (unless I get specific requests to!)

Ladybug playtime_lifelovetravelfood
What mum life looks like. Ladybug playtime fun that lasted all of about five minutes. June 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

But aside from mum life, I have really lost my way in terms of healthy eating. Not totally lost my way, but I’m in a pretty huge rut and finding it super hard to climb my way back out. Sugar! I can no longer use my favourite hashtag #itsokimbreastfeeding to justify daily cakes, chocolate and sugary treats. Yes, I’m still breastfeeding but six months in, I think that excuse-ship has well and truly sailed. Being at home, I often can’t be bothered to eat a good lunch cause I just want time to myself and toast with peanut butter is just way easier than preparing something delicious and healthy. After lunch, I crave something sweet and the chocolate box is right there. I obviously don’t instagram this part of my life cause, well… I’m a little ashamed of it. I adopted the 80/20 lifestyle a few years back and at the moment I think I’m more 50/50 on the good and not so good foods. I also find myself eating even when I’m not hungry. Eating just because and it’s incredibly frustrating.

But I’m trying to turn a corner and what better day to start than today! It doesn’t have to be Monday (even though this blog is going out on a Monday, I actually wrote this part on Thursday!) or the start of a new month so let’s see if I can get myself back on track and I’ll report back on my progress in my next blog post.

Totally me!
Image from @aandmwear


Baby steps – Not literally baby steps but the progress and changes in H make my heart SO happy. He recently learnt to roll over and it was quite possibly one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had. I know, I know, H isn’t the first or last baby to ever roll over but when you see him learning and practicing (and struggling) then he finally does it, it’s SUCH a thrill! B and I were lucky enough to both be there for his first roll and we were so excited, I think we almost scared H with our cheers!

Daddy and H_lifelovetravelfood
These two!
Fremantle – June 2016

7.15pm – I know that’s quite a specific time but at 7.00pm H goes to bed and I think 7.15 is a safe time to say on MOST occasions, he’s asleep! Once he’s down, it’s relaxation time for Mummy and Daddy. H is an excellent sleeper (with an off day here and there) to which we are so grateful and I really enjoy this time with B, just the two of us. Sure, we might be cooking dinner, washing up or watching tv but it’s chill time and something I think every person, especially parents, needs each and every night.

Sleeping through – I hesitated putting this bit in because I’m now petrified I’ve jinxed it and H will stop sleeping through the night! We have our moments where H wakes and needs to be re-settled but we’ve been SO lucky with him sleeping through the night. The first time he did it, I was almost in shock at being woken by my alarm at 7am and not by H at some random hour. Then I got a taste for it and wanted it each and every night and on most occasions he obliges. Seven blissful hours. Quite possibly the best feeling EVER!

Sleeping through_lifelovetravelfood
By far my favourite milestone card
March 2016

Solids – H started solids at four months and it’s been so much fun! Although I’m not gonna lie, at first I found the experience a little stressful – he would take forever to eat, cry through it and refuse to eat certain things. I quickly learned to not let it get to me and to just relax and let it go (who’s singing the Frozen song right now?!) Once I relaxed, things got a lot easier. Sure, some days he takes forEVER to eat and sometimes I have to trick him into eating his vege puree by pairing it with some fruit but now I actually look forward to meal times and seeing H enjoy new foods.

Baby food_lifelovetravelfood
Baby food fail – NOT a fan of plain potato!
April 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

I also LOVE making my own baby food and the entire top shelf in our freezer is taken up by a variety of baby food concoctions. My Thermomix is certainly getting a workout and I love creating new flavour combinations for H to try. Plus the organisational geek in me loves being super organised by such variety and knowing that he’s getting healthy, nutritious foods every meal also gives me a bit of a buzz. I told you I’ve totally morphed into #mumlife!

Nibling time – Whether that be viber calls with my little repetitive parrot E in London, or weekly playdates and visits with K, R and G, I LOVE seeing my niblings grow, change and develop. My middle sister and her husband recently welcomed a third little person into their family – G, a beautiful baby girl with the best mop of black hair I’ve ever seen. So I am now the proud Aunty of FOUR gorgeous niblings and they make me so incredibly happy!

Raw – Seems a bit silly to put a YouTube video series as something I love but I truly do love it! Each week, Ashy Bines puts up a video about what she’s been up to that week – workouts, recipes, mum life, friendships and I find it SO inspiring! It makes me want to go for a walk and do a workout and I look forward to each week to see what she’s been up to. Total girl crush!

Inspired to get out and move. Sometimes I even wear activewear to do active stuff!
May 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

Guest blogging – I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some wonderful blogs lately, all through the power of social media. I wrote a piece for one of my all time favourite instagrammers, @aliceinhealthyland which you can read here. I am a regular contributor to LOVEFLOCK which is a great blog full of inspiring women and stories and it’s something I’m thrilled to be a part of. I also had one of my LOVEFLOCK blogs featured on My Tiny Wardrobe – a blog all about mum’s supporting mum’s (and a gorgeous online store too).

I find it SO thrilling that others want to feature my blogs and allow me to write in my style on their platforms. It’s these recent features that have inspired me to get back to my own lonely little blog and show it some love!


The annoying thing about me blogging so late is that previously, I’d not gone further than my sister’s house and since then, we’ve been to Brisbane, Margaret River AND Sydney! Each month I had something to include in my travel section and I’ve just gone and wasted it by not writing! So I’ll just have to combine them all into one post!

Brisbane – Good old Bris-Vegas! We flew back (H’s first plane trip!) in March to attend our friends wedding. I’m so glad we went back for it, we had an absolute ball at the wedding and having a boozy, baby-free night was pretty thrilling. I was fairly well behaved, I previously let loose on our first date-night since having H and the next day was not pretty and TOTALLY not worth the pain. The day after our big night I experienced what it was like to be truly hungry (hungry and angry) and B and my sister J coped the full brunt of it. Not pretty – sorry guys!

Gold Coast_lifelovetravelfood
Fun in the sun
Gold Coast – March 2016

While in Brisbane, we also spent a few nights at the Gold Coast as friends from Melbourne were there so it was brilliant to catch up with them and just chill out by the beach. T’bar (that’s my nickname for the town Toowoomba for those of you new to my blog who have no idea what I’m talking about) also featured on our adventures, to visit B’s family and catch up with friends too. All in all, it was a whirlwind trip with not much time to relax but I loved being back in my hometown and introducing H to so many of our friends and family.

Margaret River – For the Anzac long weekend, we went down to Margaret River and lived it up in wine country. The last time we visited, I was designated driver as the trip was a birthday present to B and THIS time I was breastfeeding so B was sitting pretty once again. H was a total superstar the whole trip, doing all his day sleeps in his pram and he started consistently sleeping through the night. He wasn’t so keen on the car by the end of the trip as he was popped in and out numerous times each day as we went from winery to restaurant to cafe to brewery to winery to winery. Poor little guy was well and truly over it by the end! We came home with a pretty impressive stash of beer and wine which is how a successful trip to booze-country should be. It is such a beautiful part of the country and somewhere I could visit time and time again.

H needs more practice at family selfies
Margaret River
April 2016

Sydney – Our most recent trip, earlier this month, was to Sydney. B had a work conference to attend so I took the opportunity to tag along just for something to do! My best friend B lives in Sydney and I LOVED catching up with her numerous times and she got her fix of H cuddles too.

Sydney Opera House_lifelovetravelfood
No caption necessary
Sydney – June 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

We spent a day in Manly and were treated to a day of absolutely gorgeous weather, eating and drinking our way around this pretty part of Sydney. Vivid Sydney was also on when we were there – what a sight that is! Such beautiful light displays, I wish we’d had more time (and better weather) to explore more of this wonderful festival.

Vivid Sydney 2016_lifelovetravelfood
Beautiful Vivid Sydney
Sydney – June 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

The rest of the week involved B working incredibly hard and me trying incredibly hard not to buy everything in sight. The weather turned pretty rubbish so I tried to keep indoors (read: shopping centres) and showed extreme self-restraint by not spending B’s hard-earned wages in all the mid-year sales.

H was once again a superstar, considering he spent most of his days in the pram and went to bed every night in there too so we could go out for dinner. I know it won’t last forever so we’re enjoying these days when we can put him to bed in his pram and go out for dinner (never staying out later than 9pm cause we’re old now and anything past 8 is a ‘big night’ for me).

B also took part in the craziness that is State of Origin with his best mate T flying down from T’bar to join him at the game. I was on babysitting duty – we did consider taking H to the game but I think we all know Origin fans are a tad bit feral at the best of times and besides, the game didn’t start till after 8pm and this Mumma goes to bed early!

Origin baby_lifelovetravelfood
Not born in Queensland but still a Queenslander at heart
June 2016

We flew back to Perth business class (thanks Dr T!) which was fricken ah-MAZING. A (probably) once in a lifetime opportunity for us which we totally lapped up and enjoyed every second. H was adored by all on board (minus the time he was losing it crying) and had cuddles with the air hostesses before squealing the plane down due to lack of day sleeps. Luckily he fell asleep on me and was a total dream the rest of the flight meaning Mummy and Daddy were able to fully enjoy business class (including the extensive wine menu – aww yeah!)

Flying baby_lifelovetravelfood
Business class baby
June 2016

Travelling is certainly different now we have a chubby bundle tagging along and it requires a lot more organisation, patience and luggage! But so far, H has adapted incredibly well and we’ve had a total ball on each of our trips.


If I listed all the places we’d eaten at in the past few months, this blog would go on forever. I’ve just realised I’ve not written a regular lifelovetravelfood post since January and we have CERTAINLY racked up the foodie spots since then! But I won’t bore you with everything (I already do that on my instagram page) so instead, here are some highlights.

Sherbet Bake Shop, Maylands – Perth – I’ve been here a few times now, popping in to grab something delicious and sweet and I’m yet to be disappointed. They do great coffee and DELICIOUS sweets. The vanilla slice, cupcakes, tarts and cakes are all spot on. Plus they serve everything on pretty plates which always helps!

Sherbet Bake Shop_lifelovetravelfood
Where the coffee and cake obsession began
Sherbet Bake Shop – Maylands
February 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

Chu bakery, Highgate – Perth – I am always on the look out for new coffee shops and this one just happened to be across the road from where our Mums group often meets. They do these amazing little chu pastries filled with flavoured custards. Peanut butter and raspberry jelly; raspberry and lychee, chocolate eclairs and chocolate glazed doughnuts. Oh, and quite possibly the BEST almond croissants I’ve ever had. Delish!

Peanut butter chu_lifelovetravelfood
Peanut butter and jelly chu puff – insert heart eyed emoji here
Chu Bakery – Highgate
February 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

Doughnut time, Gold Coast – Can you spot a sugar-fuelled theme going on here?! I was SO excited to try these doughnuts when we were in Queensland and again in Sydney. I’m shocked to discover that I have now tried four different flavours in just a few short visits. In my defence, one such visit was due to H having a horrendous day and me not being able to go to Origin so I wholeheartedly deserved that vanilla custard filled doughnut with a toffee coating. Oh, and the vegan doughnut (which I convinced myself MUST be healthy, even though I know it to be a lie) is ridiculously delicious! A must try spot!

Vegan doughnut_lifelovetravelfood
Vegan but probably not healthy
Doughnut Time – Gold Coast
March 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

Picnic cafe, Camp Hill – Brisbane – Hooray for me FINALLY posting a healthy dish! Acia breakfast bowls are something I actively seek out now when going out for brunch. I LOVE them and adore all the different topping that cafes decorate with them, they look so pretty and taste so good. Picnic provided the perfect menu of healthy options for me (I swear I DO eat healthy much of the time, despite just raving non-stop about doughnuts and cakes) and ‘boy’ options for B – breakfast pulled pork nachos anyone?

Acia bowl_lifelovetravelfood
Hooray! Healthy! Delicious acia bowl
Picnic – Brisbane
March 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

Cafe Moka, Mandurah – A delicious little water-side cafe that we visited when we took a day trip to Mandurah over Easter. Great coffee and a beautiful looking cookies and cream cupcake for B and a gorgeous raw doughnut (healthy, I swear!) for me. Just pop it on a slate plate, add a flower and I’m sold! Oh, the only problem with this place was that one cupcake, one doughnut (tiny, I might add) and two coffees cost $25! Outrageous!!

Raw doughnut_lifelovetravelfood
Probably the most expensive doughnut I’ve ever eaten
Cafe Moka – Mandurah
March 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

3 Oceans, Margaret River – Absolutely gorgeous food and the standout lunch of our whole trip to Margaret River but… some of the WORST service I’ve ever come across. Oh my goodness we waited sooo long for our orders to be taken, plates to be cleared, dessert menus to arrive, the bill – ugh, seriously frustrating! If I’d been rating the restaurant on its food I’d have given it five outta five. Blue swimmer crab linguine and a glass of local chardonnay; flourless chocolate brownie sundae with burnt caramel ice-cream and honeycomb – oh. my. YUM! Hopefully the floor staff were just having an off-day!

3 Oceans_Margaret River_lifelovetravelfood
Blue swimmer crab linguine
3 Oceans Winery
Margaret River – April 2016 @lifelovetravelfood
3 Oceans winery_lifelovetravelfood
Gorgeous dessert (when we eventually got to eat it!)
3 Oceans Winery – Margaret River
April 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

St Michael 6003 – Date night! Woo hoo! When my littlest nibling G was born, Mumzie did her usual trip over to give L a hand to settle in. And so I took this as an incredibly selfish opportunity to ask Mum to stay over one night so B and I could have date night. It. Was. Awesome.

Thanks for babysitting Nanna! She has the magic touch!
May 2016 @lifelovetravelfood

As we don’t get nights out on our own very often, I lapped up every second of our date night and we used it well. First, we visited a wine bar that I discovered about five weeks after we found out we were pregnant and made B promise he’d take me there when I could drink again. Next, a cool bar so B could sample some more craft beers (although I’m pretty sure he’d already tried every single one available). Then, a seven course degustation dinner at St Michael 6003. All weird and wonderful courses with flavour combos I would NEVER have though would work together. Blue cheese and white chocolate. Scallop and beef cheek. Vegemite butter – YUM! I love going to restaurants where I’m forced to try something a bit out of my comfort zone and we savoured every bite and found it heavenly not having to check whether we could fit a pram inside the restaurant.

Monk Brewery & Kitchen, Fremantle – Lazy Sunday lunch with my boys (one who was asleep in the pram like a little champion – no, not B, although he does think a man-sized stroller would be a good business opportunity) in Fremantle was the perfect way to spend the day. I had slow cooked shiraz beef cheeks with mash, shallots and salted jerky. It tasted as good as it sounded AND looked beautiful. Delish!

Monk Brewery_lifelovetravelfood
Utterly YUM!
Monk Brewery, Fremantle
June 2016 @lifelovetravelfood


I know I also usually put up some pics of the food I’ve been making at home but I think I’ve babbled on for quite long enough (besides, if you follow me on instagram, you probably already know everything I’ve eaten in the past year!)

I’m sorry for neglecting my poor little blog for so long! Thanks for sticking with me and dropping by for a read, I promise it won’t be so long between blogs next time! And as always, check me out on instagram for daily updates on food, food, baby, food, baby, food and occasional exercise posts!

Dan x


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