Restaurant review – Louisiana Redclaw

So this is fun! A foodie blog post that shows we DO still have a life despite having kids and we DO still go out to dinner (occasionally). Sure, it was mid-week and we were home by 7.30pm but we still went out! My blog used to be littered with fabulous places we’d visited and all the amazing food we’d tried yet these days I’m more about toddler recipes and celebrating when H doesn’t throw food across the dining room.

So when I was invited to dine at Louisiana Redclaw in Fortitude Valley by Chef Robert, I was excited by the offer. I brought along my lovely husband, B, a lover of seafood, and he was a very happy man!

We started with a serving of chips – a restaurant staple and so often done very, VERY poorly. We were offered a half and half plate – the sweet potato fries and potato fries. Perfect because B loves ‘normal’ chips and I like the ‘hippy’ sweet potato ones. The potato chips were delicious and coated in a fabulous seasoning – chips don’t normally float my boat but these were great. The sweet potato fries were my favourite (of course) and a must – delicious!

Louisiana Redclaw_potato and sweet potato fries_lifelovetravelfood
Which would you choose?
Louisiana Redclaw
Image @lifelovetravelfood

We asked our lovely waitress what Chef Robert would like us to try seeing as we were going to be reviewing, and he sent out chilli soft-shell crab sliders. I can see why these are a crowd favourite, the sauce is delicious and the crab is incredibly generous for a slider. I’m not the hugest soft-shell crab fan so B happily polished half of mine as well as all of his!

Louisiana Redclaw_chilli softshell crab slider_lifelovetravelfood
Chilli soft-shell crab sliders
Louisiana Redclaw
Image @lifelovetravelfood

For main, we came for their signature Louisiana seafood boil. Something I’d never tried before, a seafood boil is a traditional Louisiana dish that features crustaceans boiled in fragrant broth with corn, potato and sausage. We enjoyed the Louisiana Redclaw classic platter with Red Claw Signature Zing sauce – spiced medium. It. Was. HUGE.

Louisiana Redclaw_seafood boil_lifelovetravelfood
SO much seafood!
Louisiana Redclaw
Image @lifelovetravelfood

Packed full of clams, mussels, crayfish, snow crab and colossal prawns, the platter was heaving with seafood. Everything was incredibly fresh and very good quality. Too often seafood platters have average seafood but you can tell the Redclaw team are passionate about fresh and the best possible quality. My favourite was definitely the prawns and B couldn’t get enough of the crayfish. You need the bread to mop up that delicious sauce – it was garlicky without being overpowering and spicy without leaving a lasting burn – a fine balance which Chef Robert absolutely nails. I don’t think the chilli jam was necessary on the side of the bread because the sauce in the platter was so damn good! I’d have loved more sausage in the broth, it was really good and I accidentally ate both pieces, leaving none for B to try!

Louisiana Redclaw_seafood boil_lifelovetravelfood
Louisiana Redclaw
Image @lifelovetravelfood

The bibs and gloves are a fun addition to dinner but also very necessary! Note, do NOT wear white when you visit!!

Louisiana Redclaw_lifelovetravelfood
Bib and gloves were totally necessary!
Louisiana Redclaw
Photo @lifelovetravelfood

We had an absolutely terrific meal, the staff were very friendly and attentive and the kitchen features a chef who understands balance of flavours and the importance of fresh, delicious seafood. It’s not a cheap place but you pay for quality and quality is certainly what you get. It’s a great restaurant with a unique-to-Brisbane foodie experience and one I can highly recommend.

Our meal was courtesy of Louisiana Redclaw. Thank you to the team for having us!



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