About me

Hi there!

I’m Dan, also known in the social media world as lifelovetravelfood. I am a happy Aussie blogger, instagram addict and sunshine lover. This little blog is all about the things most important to me.


* Life – my everyday life, my thoughts, my dreams, what I’m up to, what I’m excited about. Life as a Mummy to the cutest little person in the whole wide world (I may be slightly biased) and finding that balance between work life vs Mum life vs ME time. 

* Love – family, yoga, health, fitness, food (it gets to feature twice), sunshine, self confessed Lorna Jane addict, move nourish believe – what I love and what makes me happy.

* Travel – with 50 countries under my belt, I spent my mid 20’s travelling all around the world. My travels might be a little closer to home from now on but who says a trip to the beach can’t count as travel?!

* Food – my favourite! I adore food and have recently moved to a cleaner lifestyle where I LOVE to experiment and make healthy food taste amazing.

Welcome to my humble little blog, I’m thrilled to have you and would love you to sign up to receive lifelovetravelfood straight to your inbox. Leave me a comment, jump on over to instagram – I’m always up for a chat!


Instagram addict – @lifelovetravelfood

Wanna chat? Email me at lifelovetravelfood@gmail.com


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